Base defines Base as: the fundamental principle, groundwork, foundation.

I have used or planed to use the base of 6ranger 3monk Horc for a lot of my TR lives. The FvS, and Clr lives have done so, already. I planed to use it for the Rog and Pally lives sure. Monk and Ranger also use this base and expand on it some. Fighter might not have any ranger levels but I can see a build where it uses this base as well. I haven’t really looked at the Arty much but I can’t see how the 6/3 frame work would do it wrong.

But here is the deal, I am thinking that I might change my base some; to 6/6 ranger/monk. Going Helf with CLR Dilettante takes a lot of pressure off maintaining a high umd. And allows the full AA Pre with some work.

The changes to Ten Thousand Stars(10kS) and the monk stances are simi huge. I don’t want to under sale the changes to Unbalancing Strike as I think it might be the sleeper change of the mod. Adding another way that monks can auto add sneak attack damage is huge.

But I will say 10kS and changes to mountain stance are my main reason to swap. At level 12 you have a build with evasion, Manyshot and 10kS. With the past live Monk feat and one of the items that move your die up a step unharmed damage would be d8 → d10 → 2d6. So not horrible. Ranged might be super, we will have to wait and see exactly how 10kS works. But if the cool down stays the same as it is in now one could 10kS, Manyshot, wait 10 secs and 10kS again. And repeat in 30 sec or so. That is really good ranged.

The 10% physical damage resistance from stance I am a little worried about. At 50+damage a hit it is great. So that means I am back to using the Bloodrage trinket for littler hits. But it should work with Other DR for more gain, so win?

My worry is that by doing this 6/6 split I only have the last 8 levels to play the TR class. And while that works for the past live requirement will it work for my personal “played every class”? I am not sure yet. I have to see how this upcoming Bowonk life feels.

My hunch is I am going to love it even if I am a goofy looking Helf for the next 5 lives. Thank goodness for show goggles. Maybe I can find a style I like.

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