Sticking to the Plan

Other then a surprise visit from one of my brothers, a (major stocking) trip to the store, and At&t having a 4 hour INTERNET outage for my house… I would say I did fairly well sticking to the plan.

Lets review the plan for the weekend. Lordsmarch Plaza quests on Elite to open them up for solo play, GH walk ups and Pre Raids. So how did I do? All done except Crucible. So not bad.

Friday, got the band together and rocked the Lordsmarch quests. Heard a few comments about not wanting to keep the elite streak running, as the quests are β€œhard.” But we kept on.

At one point, my wife broke off to level with or with out us. Fo and I pressed on, and Tor rejoined us before we completed the quest. Preventing her streak break. πŸ™‚

There were many, many deaths that night. But it was some of the most fun I have had in a long time. There was lots of accidental humor. Random deaths, killed counts approaching double digits in the first 10 mins of a quest, yelling at hirelings to stop fighting and do some healing. Good times. πŸ™‚

Saturday morning I got up early and make the HHN rounds, really working the xp. As Tor is a first life, Fo is on his second, leaving me with a big hole to fill to keep up level wise. But I really love the Lordsmarch quests. They were/are much needed area of quests. I would like to see something like them in 11 range.

After a few hours of alone time, Everyone logged on and I cracked the whip; off to Gh walk up land. We knocked them all out in good order. Breaking for lunch and that shopping trip. No sooner then I got home, I get a call from my brother. He is 2 hours out and wants to hang before he goes to see a fight. So interruptions all day but we got them done.

Sunday, up early again; for more solo hards. Get everything but Cry done before it is time to meet for breakfast. Go and get back just in time to catch Fo for Pop. Just get started and boom goes the INTERNET. πŸ˜₯

So I pop in a movie, checking every so often. When it does finally get back we knock out 2 elite Pops. And elite Madstone. Not sure what my healer was upto but I died 6 times in that first little optional. I was drinking pots and using the vamp sword. And still was croaking right and left. The rest of the run was fairly smooth. Their was some issues with people getting thrown off cliffs in a few places. But nothing too bad.

All and all not horrible use of the weekend. Got some stuff done in and out of game. Got in plenty of family time. And still managed to stay on track. Go team.

What am I doing tonight?

The same thing I do every night; try to take over the world! I mean Crucible and Tor runs. πŸ™‚


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