I Need to Find a Crafter

I have a hole in my gear now. It swas a sneaking little thing. But it is there. Last life I took a break and knocked out 20 shrouds for a Green Steal cleansing stone; allowing Sam to wear his hat, bracers, boots and goggles. Many swappable pairs of goggles, I think. 🙂

So at level 11 my defenses are fairly solid. And the gear looks good. But when level 13 rolls around with its sexy +6 stat items I have an issue. My poor Lion headed belt doesn’t cut from level 13 on. But I don’t have any thing better to equip until level 18.

So my though was how close am I to grafting a +6 con belt? Maybe with a med guild slot so I can add back in the guild Hp I lost by swapping out of my life shield/Invulnerability outfit with a med guild slot.

Well I am about level 60-65 ish in everything. Meaning still way short. I did some power leveling as I have a simi large pile of grafting stuff. But I am still far short…. So time to hit my servers list of high level crafters and see what it will cost.

Oh Snap, 30 seconds of looking around and I see that you can not make +6 stat items unbound…Nuts. Guess I will have to wait and keep leveling my own dumb self!

Right now I am level 16 with xp for 17, but I haven’t finished the level 14s on elite yet. I hope tonight. Thing it Some of the group Fopo namely wants to rock the new Cannith quests as to unlock Arties. So I have the feeling that I will soloing a lot of the content once we do the elite runs. Maybe the weekend will be good for xp. As I think Fo is bowling tonight. Sigh….

So if one of you are a high level grafter on Sarlona let me know. I have the want for a few things and will pay well, Just not in plat. Other wise I am stuck checking on prices via the other known guys. Wish me luck.

4 thoughts on “I Need to Find a Crafter

  1. Erm… yes you can make +6 stat items unbound. You just need 150 crafting to do so. You don’t even particularly need fancy ingredients, just a bloody lot of essences.

    Or at least it’s in my list of possible stuff… I can’t come close to actually trying to MAKE them, but they’re certainly THERE.

  2. scariewizzie (my son, his main toons name) and i have to bowl. last time we were not there, they lost all the points and fell out of first place. we have us back tied for first, so can’t let them loseit again.

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