Just <3n on the Vale.

One of the down sides of my guild leveling alts or running through Trs is it is hard to get a group of us together to hang out. People want to stay on track, or side trips don’t appeal to masses. But last night was a bit of a change of pace; we got together for a few Vale runs.

I got on a little late last night, and when I did Tobril was playing in the Orchard as he has 3 or 4 levels on Samius atm we haven’t gotten the chance to group lately. So joined him for a few kills.

As we were wrapping up more and more guild members got logged on. And the notion of keeping the group together for awhile via explorer zones were thrown out. And we headed to the vale.

Over all it was fast and smooth. People took the route they liked best and we ended up splitting up and making good time. Add in an slayer boost pot from the store to my already ticking xp boosts and in 40ish mins I had almost 50k between slayers and explorers.

After that we broke apart for questing. But it was good times. Maybe next time we can run the Reaver explorer zones, and maybe Shavraith. We may have to stay in a group for that as we have 13 -18s in our little group atm.

Good times anyway.

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