Last of the Past Life Feat Talk for a Bit

I want to keep rolling on my look at past life feats with the some of the less then great ones.

Let me start with one that I don’t think I would ever take: Arcane Prodigy

You recall more about your past life as a sorcerer. Your maximum spell points are increased by 10 at first level, and 5 spell points for each additional level and can produce random elemental damage spells ten times per rest. (Activate this sorcerer ability to blast a target with a ray of combined elements, doing 1d12 damage of a random elemental type plus an additional 1d12 per three caster levels on impact. A successful Reflex save reduce the damage by half.)

At least the main benefit grows with your levels. Making it better then Student of the Sword or Acolyte of Divine Secrets.

But we have counts as X feat for unlocking enchantment lines and PREs with Berserker’s Fury (Toughness). Why does this not count as Mental Toughness? Silly for it not too, in my opinion?

I would like to see every pay for past life feat count towards something for unlocking enchantment lines and PREs with the idea that if you TR back into the same class it will always be worth it to take the past life feat. It may or may not help for other classes, but that is not a worry I have at the moment.

It is hard to say what I think they should be as some classes only have one PRE or have PREs that are not complete.

I just want to get people thinking that a quick pass on the Past Life feats are needed. Or maybe a shout across the room, okay that one was for the dev readers. Oh hey dev readers get a good buzz about yours truly floating around the office for me would you? Thx.

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