Past Life Feat/s

Today I am taking a look at some of the past life feats (mainly the Artificer past life ones). There are some really good ones. Arcane Initiate, Berserker’s Fury, Bardic Dilettante, Sneak of Shadows and the rest go down heal from there. Not that they are all bad but they need some work.

But I have questions about the Artificer’s feats. Student of Artificer, says:

When you use a rod, staff, or wand, you have a 15% chance to retain essence and not expend a charge, and can produce an Enchant Armor or Enchant Weapons effect a total of ten times per rest. (Activate this artificer ability to increase the Enhancement Bonus of your target’s currently equipped weapons or shields by 1, or to increase the Enhancement Bonus of your target’s currently equipped armor by 1. An item can have only one temporary item enchantment at a time.)

So are clickies a rod, staff, or wand? I really hope so.

Also the “Free” Past Life: Artificer feat gives a 5% chance not to expend a charge from the above list; so does that mean you get a 20% total or just 15%?

I mean 1 in 5 chance to get a free hit from the Mysterious Bauble, or one of the other SP clickies seems real good, but not damaging. How about shroud clickies? Or Madstone Boots? One in five is not horrible odds and I would think about finding room for it. My Arty life might even move up the list on my lives to run through, at low levels saving haste and rage charges from clickies would be great! At 12+ amazing!

But all that hinges on if clickies are rods, staffs, or wands.

I know during my bard life; Tobril and I tested out the Terror and my “Free” Past Life: Wizard’s +2(+4) to the DC of wands, and my wand heightening enchantments. After days of me swearing it was both procing and doing damage/eating mobs. But using his dice rolls as the benchmark we decided I was just nuts. 🙂 But I could use PK wands in fairly high level content with a 50% or so kill rate. They will be fun during the Arty life in any case. But I would lov to know if we can raise the Dcs of triggered items.

Part 1 of some…

2 thoughts on “Past Life Feat/s

  1. At a guess, I would say only clickies that happen to be on rods, staffs, or wands. So, basically, clickies that happen to be on staffs…

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