Some Tells Over the Weekend

Xilo is back playing ddo, for how long? God maybe the only one that knows.

For the last few days he and I have been chatting via Google’s services. I have half been trying to catch him up on all the changes that have happened and half letting him know that while he is with in 2 levels of me now that doesn’t mean I am ready to have him a long on quests just yet.

However, on over the weekend we both where on at the same time. Queue uncomfortable tells. He asks me if we can group up and hang. I let him know I am working the bravery bonuses and that he is still a little high for me yet. He is 15 on his TR I am 13 I almost am ready to level to 14. I have already moved to level 11 quests, mainly to have quests that I can solo on hard when everyone else is farming in the graveyard.

Do you know how hard it is to tell a bud sorry your to high of level for me? Less hard then telling my wife but still hard. And Xilo is good at laying the guilt trip. Almost as good as the wife. 🙂 But as we have talk about before, help or get out of the way. I think Xilo logged not long after I let him know he was too high level for me, don’t think I saw him log on again. 😦

I also got a tell over the weekend, “Great Bio” I replied as I always do; with a “werds, thanks.” and moved along. But it got me thinking maybe my bio is some thing to talk about.

In my bio I have a little blurb about Ddocast and Ddococktailhour. But then I try to take note of that first death each new life. As a reminder to be careful and to try to not make the same errors again. This life was in New Ring Leader, on normal. I had just done lots of elites, and a hard. Didn’t think normal would be any big deal and took a triple crit to the head. Lets just say that was a hard one to add in the old bio. I copied the combat log into my bio and tried to forget.

Oh I also think there is some comment like “ I am the greatest” or something.

So what is in your bio?

7 thoughts on “Some Tells Over the Weekend

  1. have different things in most, but my favored is for those bio readers. “If you are reading this, you must be really bored. Try more fiber and more crap can happen.”

  2. “I am a Cleric, not a healbot” – Pure L20 Elf Cleric. Also something I’ve got in there:

    “Combat: You killed Xy’zzy. (Elite Hound)
    Combat: You killed Summolumades. (Normal VoD)

    Solo Heals:
    EChrono Abishai Fight

    Duo Heals:

    Hard ToD with Summolades (2nd run ever in raid)
    Elite VoD (3x)”

    “Yes, I am level 15. Explain to me again how you have 5 more levels and 100 less HP?” – Pure L15 HOrc Dark Monk.

  3. Most of my bios are blank, but I do have “The Song of the Bear Clan” (by Michael Longcor, based on… some book or another by Mercedes Lackey) in my barb’s bio, ’cause that just seemed quite fitting.

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