Lets Break out the Dice.

After a short break of I don’t know, two to five years, I will sitting behind a Dm screen. This time I will be Dming for my son another dnd dad and his son. My mother in law might be joining us too. I know my life is strange sometimes.

This will be my son’s kinda sorta almost but not really first dnd game. We tried a few years back when the boys were around 8 or so. It didn’t last all of 20 mins. But yesterday the boys had a birthday (yes the boys share a birthday). Remmie, my son turned 12 and seems excited; so we are trying again. I hope that game will act as a motivator for him to do some extra reading (damn Tv/video games) and to get his homework turned in. DnD is what saved me back in the day.

So what edition? 3.5 of coarse. 4th would be fine as well but us dads thought it would be best if someone knew the rules. So that limited us to 2nd – 3.5; hence it winning.

I get to dm because I am the one with the most Dming experience, and I kinda brought it up… See both of our families are going to GenCon in 2012. So we were talking about things and some how it made sense to get the boys going on the dnd mindset.

So what am I going to be doing? My standby staples:
Shadows of the Last War
Whispers of the Vampire’s Blade
Grasp of the Emerald Claw

Which means, we are going to be set in Eberron. Giving me a whole world of quests to run. 🙂 this campaign might become the DDO pnp edition. 🙂

Any way I will try to keep you all posted on things. I know I am not the only Ddo dad with a ❤ for pnp. So lets see what we can learn together.

3 thoughts on “Lets Break out the Dice.

  1. DDO becomes a DM source for a pnp game. Anyone else feel “The Circle of Life” breaking out any second? Good stuff, Samiusbot

  2. Awesome, Samius! I was really inspired by the fluidity of the DM for my son’s LARP birthday party. It’s designed for kids and I’d say it was spot-on! No it’s not D&D but everything is recognizable – different party roles, random elements, puzzles, magic, combat, and of course quests! Anyhow – like you, we’d dabbled with D&D and the kids. I tried the minitures game and an old 3.0 starter set. This time I was determined not to let the rules slow us down. We busted out the old 3.0 set with pre-rolled characters and started in with my 8 and 5 year olds. I was surprised an hour and a half later when mom was saying we’d better get to bed :). No electronic devices other than light bulbs were involved. I also discovered, the kids are natural role players! I look forward to hearing about your games.

    P.S. the start set had no AoO rules but IMHO it’s too much of a shock to add them later so we snuck in some basic ‘if you run past you might get attacked’ rules.

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