Circle Jerk Mini

For you that don’t know guest or host a few podcasts, some DDO themed other no so. One of which is a pay for cast named Circle Jerk, it is a kind of book review type cast. Although it doesn’t sound like it will stay that way for long.. Right now I only have one episode out. But two more are on the books to be taped soon. Today’s post will be a kind of mini version of that show.

I have been reading The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. Think I just finished reading the 7th book
Dead Beat. Looking at the wikipedia page 13 books have been published with a 14th in the works.

I have to say I am loving these books. I really enjoy books with that theme of strange in todays “normal” world. I also read and love the series Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter by Laurell K. Hamilton. That is also in that vein of the supernatural in modern times. And I see on the wikipedia that Butcher claims to have been inspired by this books as well.

What I like about the Dresden Files books is how magic “feels like it could be real”. Also the books have a great sense of humor to them.

Now I liked and still like the short lived TV show on Syfy (think that is how they are spelling it this week). But I understand now why the show failed. It didn’t rally its base.

We all know the book is always going to be different the the movie/tv show, Lord of the Rings might be the exception?? Not sure as the movies weren’t balls busting slow to the point I asked for a refund with out finishing them. Not saying I did that with LotR, but I did.

Seems to me with all the reboots and whatnot a few Dresden Files movies, trying to say as true as possible to the books or at least to the world with its own story/s, could do really well.

Of course for like 9$ you can pick up the first book. And it even looks like you can get them on Audible for less then that if you don’t like to read.

Anyway, I like them and if you haven’t tried one yet it is worth the money for sure!

One thought on “Circle Jerk Mini

  1. I’ve read all but the latest Dresden book (BTW, he’s also got an anthology with *most* of the Dresden short stories… think there were only 2 or 3 that he couldn’t include, because the anthologies they were in were too recent) and have really enjoyed them. Butcher does a pretty decent job with not suddenly pulling powers out of Harry’s arse to save the day… and I love some of the weird stuff Harry does to save the day (like in the zombie fight in Dead Beat…)

    I quite enjoyed the TV show, which I watched before reading the books. I suspect there were a couple too many changes for me to enjoy it were I to read the books and *then* watch the show.

    If you get the chance, flip through the RPG rulebooks. They’re written with the conceit that Billy the werewolf created the game, and Harry (and sometimes Bob) has notes in the margins… it’s kinda funny.

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