Paying Due

Last night before logging for the night I leveled to 12. Oh 12 is great. Because big boy toys are at your disposal. I have a few Green Steel weapons I use including a Lig2 maul/short bow and a few different rapiers.

That being said I if hand wraps are my main weapon at this level I have Garments of Baddass and VampStone dust wraps that are my main weapons.

So any way last night I got my maul out of the TR cache and was stoked. And main a comment in guild chat about how pleased I was for the maul. And how I also needed to make a Cauldron of Sora Katra, weapon.

Tobril, who is a huge fan of the VampBloody Clever, thought some how that I was giving slight to the Sora Katra sword/s. To the point of sending me text messages, after I logged of for the night. And while I don’t have the raging hard on for them that Tobril does; I do really like the Sora Katra stuff.

I just like my lig2s 70% of the time more. 🙂

That said I am going to make a VampBloody Clever, tonight for Sam. It is a great weapon. Bodyfeeding, life stealing, +5 bonus and what human bane? Oh and bleed. It can go a long way to adding a lot of self healing to any melee that can use one.

Now I have watched Tobril use his VampBloody Clever to good effect over this Barb lifes. I have to assume that he has imp crit slashing to improve the already good crit range of the clever (I am using imp crit (B) to help with the mauls dps some). Giving the bodyfeeder property a nice wide range of numbers to work with. Add in the lesser vamp and you can sometimes heal up while beating down some mobs.

With this weapon super cleave the barbs get at 12 can net you life. Of coarse you have to have 11+ mobs around you, and a crit wouldn’t hurt but you get the picture. And maked the 1-3 points of damage you take from Frenzy managable.

Like I said I am a fan of the Sora Katra items, to both Sam and Java use at least one item crafted item during a life. In fact not only does Java have a VampFury Blade that he used while leveling, he also has a pair of VampStone dust wraps from his previous builds.

Before Sora Katra crafting was available I used a pair of unlocked Dream Edges on Java; A bodyfeeder/ Destruction was his weapon set. Not to say my 11/6/3 wiz/fgr/mnk had to hit issues all the time, but he could.

So just to be clear to everyone including Tobril I do ❤ the VampBloody Clever; just as long as I am trying to kill the baddie in the fewest number of swings so I can move on to the next guy I will have my maul in my hands. 🙂 But if I need to stablelize and win a long fight, say like last night in elite Deep when my healer kept dieing, the VampBloody Clever would have saved me over 100 pots.

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