Mabar Stuff

I don’t know about you but I am just not in the Mabar mood, yet. Or at least I haven’t been so far. That said; I did do the littlest amount of Mabar last night.

I was finishing up C06 of elite, when Tobril logged on. The wife was already in the graveyard farming and what not. Tobril and I grouped up to chat, and he informed me all about his Mabar goodness.

Conveniently the door to the dragon opened just as I finished getting my end reward. And more conveniently I had not one, but two door watchers to let me know that it was scale time.

I am going to do a little roll back here so stay with me. πŸ™‚

When I first logged on the wife and I were talking about how her farming was going. And she explained that it was going slow. Things like teeth and dust didn’t feel like they had a good drop rate. Driving me to take a sec and look in my bags for left over stuff. I have a few teeth and dusts as well as a few keys collecting dust.

Fast forward to the door opening: And I decide what the heck. And I ask Tobril how well people are completing in the 10-15 range?

Laughing he says: β€œOr, you can just get one of your 20s…”

Fine fine. I pass keys and jump on Java. Get in around the 2 min warning mark. And just pick a room, one that Tobril is not in.

There are already 2 guys my room but once they saw me they left and I was alone. Joking over mic, I start to buff and want to inform the instance that there is one else in my room. Turns out that I have set the default chat to Java to be a private channel and didn’t have a time to fix it as right away I was under attack.

Things went well the dragon showed up a few times. The first and last time I didn’t have any issues. The second time I had some issues. I wasn’t getting healed from Mass heals on the dragon, don’t think the dragon takes heal damage either. But with a quick F1 I healed up and beat down the dragon.

At one point while fighting the dragon some one ghosted into my room but that was about the same time I realized that I was running out of hps and I was more worried about me then him.

During the third dragon fight an arcane shows up and helps with a fire wall. But as the dragon was mostly dead and had 2 Dots on it I think it would have died anyway.

So 20ish mins. Got a scale and more then a few of those turn ins. That run dusted off the event for me a little and I have to say it was fun. However, I am not looking forward to spending all weekend farming bits. But there are about 3 items I want to craft so think at least one day will be needed.

Take some time to enjoy the event. And if your on S-Land and end up with extra motes falling out your butt find a mailbox and send me some.


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