Dear Rowanheal,

“Had a blast with DDO static group last night. Btw bravery bonus needs to be cut. Too generous. Way too generous.” – Rowanheal

Oh my, lov what level are you? 6? 7? And where is your bravery streak at? 20ish? And correct me if I am wrong but aren’t you first lifers? I can understand your worry; at those levels with the skill level of your group members doing the level of quests your probably doing. I shared a lot of the same concerns.

You know what changed me? I started to notice how this life’s leveling was diverging from the others. And for me it was happening right away but I didn’t notice. I was running the same go to quests less, and hitting a wider range of quests; I normally would skip a few quests each level that the xp/time just wasn’t there. But getting a larger amount of xp for them made them seem worth doing. Sure there were still some repeat quests. But I found myself repeating less and doing other quests more. And until these last few levels the questing didn’t feel that much harder.

Currently I am level 11 (about 1.4 mill xp) running level 9s on elite. The challenge is about right. Even had a wipe and recall/start over in one of the red fins quests. And I am noticing that there has been a noticeable jump in toughness of the quests in the last few runs. I think at 12 that will change a lot with green steel becoming available.

Guess what I am saying is hold back your judgment on the bravery bonus for a little while longer. Or may be take a TR an alt or two and see how you feel. It is not ideal. But leveling to 20 on a double+ TR can be hard.


4 thoughts on “Dear Rowanheal,

  1. I mirror those thoughts. Bravery bonus is great in that it encourages us to both do more quests and do them when the challenge is there instead of only after you’ve milked the previous few levels. I get to do now what I’ve always wanted to do, quests at and under level as opposed to when I’m so overleveled its just going through the motions. Fun in DDO has greatly increased.

  2. *waves*

    I loved that I played muse today.

    I have to admit, I am not a TR person. TR’s were created, in my mind, to give vets something to do. It was supposed to be hard. Supposed to be a grind.

    Now the freemiums are giving feedback DDO is too hard. I will quote my static group mate Hellmutt and say “New exp bonus, loot, hirelings…DDO is for 10 year olds.”

    The bonus for me, is just way too darn high. I know the TR’s are a money maker, but geez, do we have to hand it to a TR on a silver platter. Or are we saying, “Oh, I know the TR exp is higher, but don’t worry just run things on elite and get that boost.”

    I don’t even want to know if it stacks with the store bought xp boost. It will probably just make me mad LOL.

    Overall I am glad DDO has more people playing it. Ok, I lie…I wish most of them would disappear, and I could just keep the money they invest 😀

    Sometimes, I think DDO strays a little too far form it’s original intent.

    I just would like to see the Bravery bonus cut down a little.

    Oooo and to answer… We are level 6 almost 7. Honestly we are leveling way too fast. It’s sick. It certainly isn’t work.

    I will try and keep an open mind and see how it goes. Maybe I am missing some variable!!!

    See ya in Stormreach,


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