I want a Hovercraft

Have you ever wanted something a little out there? Sure you have. I know I want a hovercraft and to most people it is a little out there. Heck, even to me it is a little far fetch; seeing as I live in the middle of Kansas, there is not a lot of need to be able to “float” over every/any thing. But it doesn’t stop me from wanting it….

There are a lot things in ddo that I want that some people might think are a little far fetched. Not unlike my desire for the uberist off all personal vehicles.

So I just want to run down a few items off my ddo “Hovercraft” list:

More meta magic feats, Widen Spell, twin Spell, Arcane Admixture, Chain Spell and many others. There are so many great metas out there picking and choosing meta magic feats in ddo could really challenge and personalize casters, both divines and arcanes.

I also really want gnomes. I have talked about them before. But the Arcane Gnome would be ideal for my needs in ddo.

I want to be able to scribe scrolls and craft wands and rods. Think about out great it would be to be able to have stack of a D Door scrolls at a non- Auction House prices again. Let alone Deathward, and other hard to impossible to get scrolls. Looking at you Zeal!

Last on my short list for today, more useful airship amities and more airship fluff. I think being able to get some fluff deck hands wondering around scrubbing the deck would be great.

Picture: A zombie cleaning the deck but leaving a small trail of bits behind or a small G cube wondering around the deck….

I also would be all for some pet or plant life. A small dragon, or other fantastic animals would be amazing. Think of all the models that could be created just with fluff possibilities in the short term and then fleshed out later.

One last example of something that some of us have talked about is like a clay pigeon hurler that you could use to do some range archery practice. Now I see this as a kind of homage to duck hunt with a brown and white knoll hurling out ducks and clay pigeons. But really anything would work. Just picture little space ships coming at you, flying beholders like in the one quest, or to take a scene out of the shard axe and use yrthaks.

Anyway if there is something you want to see in Ddo hit the suggestion part of the ddo forums, if they ever comeback up that is.

8 thoughts on “I want a Hovercraft

  1. No, no, no. The gnoll should launch clay kobolds! Or possibly live kobolds…

    “Kobold still hate you! Kobold *remember* snickering gnoll!”

  2. Sully van Grog has to put on a shirt. If I’m buying a topless bar for my airship, I want something like St. Pauli girl captaining the tap.

  3. I’d really like a “Go stand over here” button for my followers/hirelings/pets. Not essential but would be nice.

    A configurable beeping timer on effects would be great to notify you when a key cool-down is off.

    Some kind of off line searchable inventory would be amazing!! Even if you couldn’t manipulate it, to at least know where you have X item you sort of remember…that would be fantastic.

    • I once said a regroup button was needed as a get to some place i predefined as safe. That idea didn’t sit well with a lot of people. Not real sure why???

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