Javabot Is One Tough SoB

So over the weekend I ran out of tasty hams, I am now addicted to them for consent healing for Samius. Or when I can trade a little time to recover Hp while hitting the can or swapping pods or something.

Lets just say running out is bad!

So once I was mostly done for the night, I loaded up Java and hit Xorian Cipher after about 20 mins chasing balls of pain in my butt around I had 3 hams. This was not going to fly.

So I went to Invaders! and cleared the South-West room. And played tag with the balls there for a little while. Think in about the same 20 mins I got up to 7 hams. So 4 more. Again with the not going to fly.

I decided to try an old trick to farm hams. I made sure I had a death block item on and did the don’t log out trick. If you don’t know how to do the don’t log out trick, I am not not going to tell you about it here. Sorry.

Shut off the monitors, and went to bed. Thinking Java would last a while.

When I got up and went to check up on Java, not only was he still alive. But he was at full life. With 112 hams in his pack.

Now encase you don’t know the chaos balls have a positive and negative spell list. On the positive side are things like heal and (some kind of) repair, Cone of cold, Comet Fall, Finger of Death on the negative side. So the trick is to live long enough to out last the negative effects until you get healed back up.

Good saves, lots of HP, whatever item resist items to lower the incoming damage along with all the amp you can muster is what makes this work.

This is the first time I can remember having a guy live all night. I know I have had high evasion alts last a long time but sooner or later everyone has had an unlucky streak and roll a few ones in a row. And not have the Hp to last 3 or 4 cone of cold/ harm/ comet falls in a row. But Java did. And with out evasion.
Anyway just wanted to say: If you need hams; You might try to cap out a WF FvS, gear up for amp/resist/hp and I bet you too can have all the tasty ham goodness you could ever want.

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