CtH, Answered

Hey everyone,

Looks like Lessah made public the news on Twitter last night that I have been trying to hold back. A few months ago she had a “major crisis” and while dealing with it one of the things she couldn’t do was play. They say 30 days is all it takes to form a new habit or change an old one.

She went cold turkey to handle her emergency and broke her ddo addiction.

She called and we talked it out a few weeks ago. We planed a good by show but couldn’t connect on a time to tape. Days turned to weeks and now it has been a with out a show.

I am still game to do a show, but I have a hard time picturing Cocktail with anyone besides Lessah. I always said she was the backbone of the show. With out her I just don’t think CtH with Samius and X would be the same.

Also I have my own personal stuff going on. And God willing I might not be able to do the show for contractual reasons. I do still play however, and be putting out a new Circle Jerk in the next few weeks. In fact I might do a spin off with the guys and steal my own title and do a hybrid of game and not game topics…. Who knows???

If someone out there loves the theme of CtH and wants to pick up the mantle or try out a guest host seat email me and we can talk about it. But unless Lessah suddenly returns or someone talks me into something; I think Ddo Cocktail Hour might be on indefinite hiatus.

I can still be reached in all the normal ways, Twitter, G+, PM, and as long as the shows email is available I will check mine. I will answer any questions I can and I will keep posting on my.ddo. I am sorry we couldn’t get that good by show out for you all. I wouldn’t unsub any Rss feeds or itune subs just yet. I am still hoping for some kind of good by.

Any way see you tomorrow.


13 thoughts on “CtH, Answered

  1. I’ll miss CtH but sometimes things have to come to an end. Thanks for all the fun episodes and good luck with whatever you decide to do now.

  2. I started listening to the older shows to get my CtH fix. They’re still relevant and informative, at least to a newb like me. And always entertaining.
    I hope they stay archived.
    Best to the both of you.

  3. I was suspecting / fearing this might happen, each episode has been a welcome surprise.. I feel disappointed but the feeling is tempered by fond memories of all the fun I’ve had listening to CtH. I look forward to whatever you’re doing next, Samius.

    Thanks for all the fish etc. 🙂

  4. Thanks for all the work you two have done so far! I will miss the show – but RL is more important than gaming… Hope things work out in both of your real lives! Take care!

  5. I can’t imagine it without Lessah either. Thanks to both of you though for the hours you did give us.

    Well-spent hours.

    Thanks again!

  6. Ah, bummer! But hey, all good things come to an end at some point, and the Cocktail Hour is going out strong at least. Part of DDO history, for sure. Good luck with all future endeavors, and if you do decide to do some other show or whatever, I know it’ll work out great.

  7. I have to tell you that the chemistry between you and Lessah made DDOCtH magic, and my number one favorite podcast.

    While I’ll miss the cast, I’m also adult enough to realize that RL always takes precedence.

    Fair winds and following seas to the both of you.

    Id Fiat IronDeacon Si

  8. Bummer 😦

    CTH is the awesome and will be missed!

    Well share the word and toast to your guys great work on the next show. As always feel free to come and crash the show on occasion. 🙂

  9. Total bummer! I’ll miss Lessah & DDOCTH! Feel free to visit us on DDOcast, you’ll always be welcomed just like that strange uncle or aunt that tells funny but dirty stories to the kiddies at family reunions!

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