+1 ToHit or Damage?

I have jumbled my TR plan; doing the sorc life and now the barb life. However I think the changes to the barb past life feat: Berserker’s Fury made going barb the right call. I always find room for toughness. Toughness with a few “perks” why not. And the bonus 10 hps, yes please.

If I got to play more then a few mins over the last few days; I might be tearing up the levels. But as it is my xp bar hasn’t jumped like I would like this week. I did level up to 10 last night. Mainly for the change of pace of quests. But that was about the extent of my game time; stupid kid’s homework that needed my help to get done.

But around ten I start thinking about the next life. And if I am not super thrilled with the current life maybe before 10…..

Lets just say I have been thinking about my order for a while now.

And I know the next two lives will be monk and fighter. Just trying what order they need to be in for the maximum win.

Monk is damage, and a clickly that grants temporary evasion? Damage is good.

Fighter is to hit and stun/trip dcs.

I have been using trip a lot more this life leveling up then almost any other life. In part from the old tanking CtH where Lessah praised it, but mostly do to the fact that my barb life currently doesn’t have much in the way of CC. I know I will be taking a fighter level or 2 once I hit 12 barb; I want the second tear of the PRE before adding other levels. Those fighter level/s are for CC. Stun for sure. If imp trip didn’t have a dumb prereq I might take it…. But I can see only needing the one extra feat for leveling; so I might only need one fighter level then who cares at 20?

So what is needed sooner? Damage or dcs? Odds are good that my fighter levels will be heavy monk splashes. Using wraps and mauls (I have lots of mauls 😉 )

The monk life will be the bowonk with a little different stats for 36 points vs 34. The Bowonk can use the to hit and the DC boost. But the fighter can use the damage….

Well I guess it will come to what I feel like at the time????

2 thoughts on “+1 ToHit or Damage?

  1. To hit should always be a primary concern.

    A missed hit that could have been fixed by higher to-hit does less damage (0 damage) than a hit that at max hits for 3 more damage.

    After to-hit is no longer a concern, feel free to stack the damage till the cows come home.

  2. I’m on my 4th TR and currently at lvl 14. I’ve been wondering what to be for my next life recently and chew myself out for not focusing on this life.
    Now I don’t feel so bad.
    That +1 damage from a Monk life sounds pretty good, but I do like the tactical feat boost that comes from a past life as a fighter. Fun stuff either way.

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