In real life I am fairly scatter brained. I always have four or twenty ideas rattling around in my head. It is a perk when it comes to my daily life allowing me to multi task well. But it also means that while your talking with my I might hear and understand you, even partake in the conversation. But I might “really” be focused over here on this other thought. Don’t worry I will replay the conversation in my head and catch up. If out of the blue I start to question the conversation we are having as if I joined in the middle it might be because I did.

In Ddo I am super focus guy. This is what I am doing; help or get out of the way.

I bring this up because I still haven’t done the new raids or all of the new quests for that matter. Why? I was focused on capping Java with the goal of starting/playing my current TR for Samius.

I skipped a lot of the cove stuff. Why? Xp for Sam is a lot more on task then a few greens for some so so items and hats for other guys.

My main chat channel on the other hand, seems to run LoB or MA constantly. For a long time it was Epics and/or raids that I could use for xp or gathering items for gear on Java or Samius. But I haven’t seen them do much of anything other than those two raids. I don’t might being on the second wave of content. Let others go in and “learn the best way” and I can follow them and point out things that I think might be better. But soon enough people will be rocking their new super cool items and I will using Shroud stuff….

Oh well.

Sam is 9, and getting real close being forced to level. Think I might go head and level tonight just to move on to level 8 quests. My elite streak is in the 80s. It could be better; but there are quests that I just don’t do. Normally I race to 12 for gear. But this life I wanted to really try out the bravery bonus. I don’t think I am leveling faster. But I do get a much bigger thrill knocking out an first time completion on elite of say the pit for 30k then before. And I have to say the favor rewards don’t suck either.

I am still not sure if keeping my streak running at elite is best or taking it down to hard. In my gut I have the feeling that hards until I want the elite first time bonus is the way to go but I am not sure. I don’t like the extra time that doing E,E,E H is takes so I end up going E, H repeat hards as needed, then move on. I could use a number guy to do the math for me but I have the feeling that the time gained would make up any xp lost.

I am getting detracted by a few other thing; better run.

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