Lates Bro

I got word today that a good friend if mine has left Ddo. Maybe forever. Maybe not. I am not sure yet. But I do know that the two people that colored my play style and helped make me who I am in Ddo are both gone. Thanks and ❤ Precious and Crisis.

I am in shock I guess. When I meet them I would have thought that they would be rocking quests with me on the day the servers went down forever.

Crisis left a little after Turbine made the F2P move. He tried to last, but the glancing blow changes got to him. Add in a guildie laughing when he needed some support was the last straw. With out Ddo Crisis got in shape and was able to quit smoking. Last I talked to him, his life was good.

Precious, I am not sure the reason for his leaving but at least all he did was gift Tobril and I ownership of his F2P accounts. Meaning that he didn’t burn his bridges and salt the earth. But I don’t take advantage of my own F2P accounts like I should. How much lov can i give someone’s account?

Keeping up with these two is what gave me motivation to be better then I was. If you go back and play any Ddocast or CtH where I was on, at some point I will start on about being self reliant and effective. These traits came from playing with these two guys.

Anyway I just want to wish these guys all the best. They were good players and truly excellent friends. And if you guys are reading this, samiusgurobo on twitter and/or samius@

Guess that goes for any of you that are in need of a Samius.

One thought on “Lates Bro

  1. I never met either of these players but I listen to DDOcast (still catching up on old episodes). If their playstyle helped you develop the methodology that lead to Sound Concepts, then the community definately lost 2 strong members.

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