And Waiting….

What do you do when your waiting for your group to get it act together? Check out the Ah, fill up on components, tab out and check your email?

I do all those things and sometimes more but then what do you do when there is still more waiting???


So last night I get in and Oncler talked me into a epic DQ preraid. Swap and get ready(ship buffed and whatnots). A few mins later I get more ready. Hit the Ah. Dance nude on Oncler’s boat. Claimed his boat in the name of my greatness. Re ship buffed, including killing the training dummy, I am on Samius who is currently a Sorc so killing the dummy not only takes a long time but is also mostly pointless.

And then what?

Well in my case I pulled out my PHONE! And read my book for a while. Thought I was going to say wang there didn’t you? You all make me sick, not really I ❤ you guys. 🙂

A few pages later, Oncler says I need to go afk, stepping inside. So I run out to the six man to not only a afk Oncler. But 2 other people also waiting…

I swear we need a mini game that we can pull up at any time and kill a little time. Like a for plat slot machine were we can win plat, Tp, items, xp… The possibilities are endless.

Not long after we finish up. A epic DQ raid forms up from Oncler, and I foolishly tag along. There was much more waiting. At least 15 mins. But is was a good run. Tobril got Firestorm Grieves, I got some Golden Grieves and there were 3-4 shards and at least one other named item.

And that was my night more or less. I took Java to 15, and did two Hard Gh walk ups. But other then that nothing. It was a slow night of waiting.

One thought on “And Waiting….

  1. Hopefully we’ll see the new Challanges Systems show up sometime soon. Then you won’t have to pull out your …phone anymore.

    Sound Concepts and DDO Cocktail hour: Great stuff!

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