Me and Lady Luck

She and I went out to the orchard, to farm up my bits to get into Litany. And there was fair loot to be had, you know with the Lady herself by one’s side how could you not?

But you know Lady Luck is a fickle Bi#^&, right? Thank you Jimmy the Hand, he was one of my favorite characters from the Rift War Saga. Jimmy had another saying about Lady Luck, normally right after asking for a favor. You didn’t have to say yes, but did you have to say no so hard?

That is kinda how I felt in the orchard over the weekend. I picked up the pieces 1-3 5-7 fairly early in the weekend. But ran and ran and never saw 4 or 8. I also hit the optional chest in inferno. It takes the least amount of work to get to and doesn’t require you open a locked door. And nothing of note in the chest, until…

Sunday, first run in Ghosts I get the bracers. Ghost touch (yeah) and +1 ac (sure why not…) I have been using a pair on Java to kill nasty ghosties. But another pair is never bad. When I got my pair back in the day they cost me a scale. I bet they are a red, maybe two scales now. Damn inflation.

Pick up my end reward and what do I see lvl 14 +4 force of PG wraps. Not bad at all. Most of the runs had some little perk, lady luck was teasing me.

Legionary Victories, Items with Med guild slots, Majors, even got the other named loot from ghosts the Something armor..Starts with an A, and has 30 fire res, too old to remember every things name.

But never one of the last 2 pieces. Oh well. Just have to keep at it. After all sometimes Lady Luck kicks you when your down. Sometimes you trip her and take her stuff.

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