A Super Pleasant Shroud Run

I am doing what I can to keep Samius on timer for the Shroud. And we all know how nice and wonderful pug groups can be and how much I hate to tell you any story about how unpleasant a shroud can be. So I wont.

I joined a pug last night, and after about 15 secs later I regretted it. People were arguing and being jackasses. So I turned down the audio and resumed the podcast I was enjoying while soloing about. And had a simi nice run.

The last spot filled and after a moment dropped. I learned later that they were able to chase that person off with nasty language and telling the raid leader that they wanted more dps not another “healer”

I didn’t myddo any one but I watched everyone and I have to say we had 2 or 3 good people carrying the group. I want to say I was a good player but as I was not really playing with the team I can’t say I was being a good player.

I activated the portal to get to part 2, and was second to get in and get moving. I heard a lot of complaining over my podcast about better not die. And F^&*n zergers. Myself and another guy had mostly cleared the maze when people caught up with us. And the other guy ran off and pulled the bosses. I sent the leader a tell that I wouldn’t be getting the crystal. He replied he had it and that was that. I Dotted and chained lighting all the bosses. And when I wanted them to break I danced off the long way to the portal. And they trailed off and died. Very smoothly.

Part 2 was different. I only solved 2 puzzles and ran 3 water. So I guess there were a few other people helping out. And we jumped into part 4. Also super smooth. But I think a lot of the slower players were still in part 3…

I stood to fight in part 5. A lot of people moved to run. But there were enough that didn’t want to that most of the group stayed. I doted and bolted the bosses as I worked the pool. One by one they ran over to me and died. Except the devil. He ported all over and died later. I took the fire and doted it up. Again while working the pool and it died. *shrug

Again I saw just tons of green lights and faint yelling but it went fine. About 25 min run.

As we waited for people to leave I saw lots of comments like “most fun in a long time” and “your an ass”. And heard lots of calling people names. I don’t think any of that was directed at me, but it could have been??? For all I care I don’t need to play with 8-9 out of the 11 people ever again. There was a ton of BS going down. Never saw the leader’s light once once I zoned out and not at all before. Never had any commutation from him other then a “k” when I said I wasn’t getting the crystal.

I got my 17th completion this life, so win right?

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