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Once again I popped over to twitter for a topic. It was that or another last night on ddo I blah blah blah. And while those are fun it was time for something else. To days topic comes from HeavyCeee, he askes
It seems soo many people waste time in the forums rather than actually play the game. Why?

Now I don’t have any solid numbers of players vs active forum accounts. But remember hearing once that it was something like less then 10%. It is just that 10% is a fairly active group. No I might not post very often, but I do hit the new posts once or twice a day. And I check out my server’s trade forum. Just last night I swapped some GS blanks for some epic scrolls and what not via the forums to help a guy out. I think we both were very pleased with the deal.

But I think the group that is active on the forums are the people that are super active in the game. And can’t get enough of the game when they are able to play. Like myself I check the forums while at work. Don’t tell my boss but I write these posts at work too. I also hit the forums to see other people’s builds and see if there is something that I might like or want advice on.

You also have the people like Lessah, who are lerkers. They might not check it out every day but once and a while and mostly to feed their drama lama, maybe comment here and there. But most just see what everyone else is doing.

And you get a lot of people that want to be helpful and/or mean well if they don’t always come across that way.

Well I hope you all find yourself cheking out the forums from time to time. If nothing else search for samiusbot and feed me the greenies 🙂 (you don’t have to do that really, but do 🙂 )

3 thoughts on “Forum Talk

  1. For me the forums are way cheaper then therapy and when im in a bad mood I tend to get to pick on those who get on my nerves as long as I do it in a way that cant get me caught up with infractions lol.

  2. lol well i didn’t figure i would get the Q in on time, it was 27 minutes after u said 20.. yea its @HeavyCeee.
    OK i know, i don’t read forums, but im waiting for my laptop to finish scanning so i checked u out Samiusbot. feel privileged!
    my guess was it was when u power gamers were waiting for raid timers to reset you hit the forums! and yes i bet y’all are SUPER active players, i do! i just don’t have the time to waste in there.
    good answer tho!

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