Take a Ride with Me on the Fail Train

So last night I was full of fail. Okay, that was a little much. But I screwed up as bad as I could and not hurt anyone else. What did I do? Walked off the bridge in Evon6, on my FvS… Go a head and laugh until you sore, I will wait……

Luckily the other FvS was able to handle the healing with out me. But I still get a little hot under the collar when I think about it.

How did it happen? I let Real Life interfere at a critical moment but left my hand on the keys. And that was all it took. The best part was after I died falling out of von 6 and released I jumped off the airship tower to get to the air ship and forgot Feather Fall again and died…. So much fail.

So in my rage/ for my punishment I lead a group through edeep. It went well. Many of the group just came from that evon so tobril was able to take some good jabs at me and 2 or 3 of them got it… Before long I felt a little better.

It was a good chest, lots of fair to good shards, and very smooth run. Most of the group sticks around and we do a last stand. I guess the game was feeling sorry for me because I got a scroll. That is the first scroll I have gotten not solo farming alone or off the AH or in trade….

We also knock out a claw. By this time the group was getting a little nuts. To the point that someone tried to loot the giant’s grave. Let me tell you that guy is not that hard. But he was able to comet fall and BB while I was down on top of me. Grrrrr.

Other highlights from the night. Got my warding shield seal from evon2. Managed to not screw up a eDQ and took a lot of jokes on the chin it mostly good spirits. Mostly.

Oh and got to do 4-5 quests with the wife on Java. She is about to out level me however.. So much xp needed on double Trs vs first lifers.

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