Just Another Night of Awesome!

Got logged in simi late last night, I am going to blame not feeling well. I got asked to do a eDQ by oncler almost right away after getting in. Turns out that Fopo also going and thought why not? The raid formed and I was fairly pleased as I knew most of the group, and they were all solid players i have been playing with a lot lately. I guess that is how it is when you form up with private channels. The Raid went fairly smooth. No deaths and mostly no loot. At least none for me.

And the raid decides to go again. I swap to my clr Healz and fly through the pre raid again. It has been a while since I have healed anything let alone eDA. But it was fine. I way over healed to the point of downing 4 SP pots but I didn’t want to let the group down because I was a rusty healer…. There was some good items in the chest this time. But again none for me…My end reward list had a silver great sword so I will call that a win.

Move on to Abbot, the wife joins up for this one. I got to spot (/sleep in roids). And I turned to talk to the wife who had just gotten across ice and boom I died… someone let at least 2 roids through. I wonder now if maybe one hit me and I stood up, blocking someone from stopping the roid that killed me… Man I hope not. But the thought that I might have caused a problem in roids is twisting my gut all up… the raid was skunked for loot this time.

We formed up for a Evon6, some how I ended up doing way more of the von 5 then I would like. Not alone but I did open all the doors. Get the ring and the voice talk to all the faces and get the key. I ended up yelling at people to get the str/wiz/lever doors open but it was not bad all in all.

The raid went smoothly, and I saw the shard of the shield. But it wasn’t in my name. 😦 but I know it is out there. 🙂 and It is just a matter of time until some one kicks it over to me or I pull my own.

There was a few items rolled on, the wife won the warding bracers I am slowly building momentum for something good to be in the chest for me there have been too many good chest opened last night to not have something good soon.

We blow through a Tod. The most exciting bit was when the wife realized she had forgotten to restock on remove curse pots, mine were guild pots… DDO store to the rescue. Want to say Fopo had the only ring drop, a Dragonic I think and after much debate he took it.

I want to say however that many of the guys passed me their trophies. I said in channel that I only had 3 and that any unloved ones could come my way. Some one said something over voice and I want to say 6-7 people kicked over their trophy to me. Thank you everyone that did that it means that Java can slot the warchanter ring he already has at 18 to help with what I hope is his final life. While grinding out the defender ring for the hate gen…

Well that was my night short as it was 3 hours of play 3 epic raids, and 2 normal raids. Not a bad night.


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