I Need To Do Some Man Things …

Brb………………………4 mins later

Okay I am back. Wait I can’t get in… guys?

That is how a shroud went for my last night. No I didn’t afk before entering part 1 of the shroud, but on of the clrs did. Of course everyone thought he was joking as there where many a afk jokes as the raid was forming. And it took 5-6 mins to get everyone to step in side after the raid was formed. So far be it once everyone was in to get moving.

A few mins later the missing clr returns and finds out that he is locked out. “Bummer” I think. Good thing we have a spare. And we wrap up part 1 quickly. I want to point out that there was a lot of BS talk going on.

A melee was trying to tell the raid leader that he had too many arcanes. I linked my portal beater, and pointed out that my wimpy sorc was doing 40+ points to the portal a swing + Ice storm. I don’t carry a force spell other than my magic missile clickly from my wiz past life feat. Or I would spam that as well as attack the portal. He shut up after that.

Shrined and looted ran down to the alter and the portal to part 2. People are recalling. 😦 I can understand people wanting to help out a guy that missed the portal but all you do is reinforce bad behavior. What? Went afk in the first bit of a quest and now your locked out? Sucks to be you…. Lesson learned.

Now I don’t care if you go afk in part 1, but I am not going to reform to baby someone that waisted my time. Yep that is how I see it. If we ran up against a wall a failed for some reason I would have been less pissed then I was over completing part 1 and then having to redo it.

So I didn’t rejoin the reform. When asked if I was coming back I said go a head, I will wait for the next one.

5 mins later a zerg run starts, I join, Tobril joins and it is a faster run. No one minded if Tobril and I took off and lead the group into the next part. We were the first in to part 2, 3, 4 and Tobril zoned in to part 4 and started the fight right away. It was great. Just keep moving. If for get the time. It didn’t set any land speed records, but it was in the 20 min range. It was nice. Just what I want from the next 5 shrouds. Fast and smooth.

Oh and if your going to pike or afk for part 1, I normally don’t mind but get in side. And let us know clearly use the text box, and voice.

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