My Normally Scheduled Post

Also known as my weekend report. I got a few things done. Java has banked 13, I think. Maybe not… But I did take lvl 12 and what a world of difference 12 is as a FvS then 11. One hello Blade Barrier, two hello glow ball.

Now I am not going to lie. The glow ball is hitting for 20-50 depending on if I have a sup brilliance clickly running or not. And sure it is only a little bit more damage, but you know it is a little bit more damage. And many times might have mostly killed a guy while swinging while on the way to the really dangerous mob, like hit some trash melees on the way to a caster or two. And the glow ball will mop up the melees I left behind. And on bosses every 2 or 3 shots is like gaining a swing. And the extra light is totally a win.

Story time, for those of you pay attention and counting I now have cure serous and heal for healing. Oh and heal scrolls. I see a hard or elite Von5 run go up. Well after all those really great runs I did the other day on normal I thought sure why not. First thing I was asked was am I healing type. I say not really but I can heal some. Another Fvs joins and the same basic story. A third joins and the same question is asked but he says “I can heal” the leader says well the other two are more dps then healing. The newest FvS says “well they suck then” I want you to know I kept my group alive unless they took off or could live with the con damage from the necro touch. And I ended up leading the kill count. I got next to the 3rd fvs and not only did he not heal but I needed up healing him.. Jack off. But we completed and someone finished the quest before everyone was ready. Glad I have been doing the Vom vs the blood stone in pugs. 🙂

Some of us went on to do the raid, it was a smooth run. Way easier then I expected on normal. Now I was 11 or 12 at the time and the raid is what 10? Guess I have been doing the epic too much lately.

I also want to touch on a Tempest Spine run I did, elite. It was a cluster. First of all I was the 11th man to join. Filled up on scrolls and hit the ship. The 12th man joined right after I hit the xp shrine on the boat. 15 mins later and people running of to get ship buffs later we were ready to step in. This is were I want to go, once we start using up my xp pots. At 5 mins later and the 3rd haste I just go. People that bio just after stepping in or right be for stepping in decide to get ship buffs. Frack them. And I go. About 8 others follow. We get in side. And more waiting. Until I say F it again and start moving. It was like I was dragging them all along. I went to kill ice and told them to go kill fire. They asked me to bring it back so I did. And I ended up killing them both. Ice with the dots and fire with my S word. Wtf people. At that point I turned in to a mini Oncler and started yelling and shouting orders.

I ended up with 89 or 98 kills. The next highest was 19… Now kill count is not everything. But it is something and it is handy to see who is working and who is not. Anyway we finished in about 40 mins. Way to long for a TempSpine and for 12k…

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