Filling the Bank

I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend. Mine was good. Bought and planted a few things. Picked up a BB gun for the son/wife so they can learn some basics of shooting giving us something we can play around with that doesn’t required a range, vs a 90 min drive to my dad’s place. And it gives a me cheep way to do some (very) small game, birds and squirrels in a ShtF world. Saving real bullets for real game and looters. 🙂

But most of the weekend was filled with Xp grinding. I leveled to 14 early in the weekend, Friday night early. Now until 14 the xp is fast and levels come at a fair pace. 12 used to be a real hump, being mostly sands quests. But the Lordmarch quests helped that out a lot. And gives you something other then undead to fight.

Now at 14 the real work is just starting. 14 is my banking level. Here is were I start to hold the levels back until I have to take them. Before then xp is easy to come by, to much longer after that and you will run yourself in to shallow water. And find yourself taking massive xp hits or working explorer zones for max kills. Did that with Java’s last life, wont do it again.

The other nice thing about 14 is that is the level for Abbot loot comes on line. And I think until 18 and ToD rings it is the last big loot level. Some of you might say 16 for DT armor, but really I could do with out DT on many of my Alts.

Something I got for Java last life that I never used before is the staff from the Abbot raid.

Staff of the Petitioner – +5 Quarterstaff: Power Store (-10% sp cost), Greater Enchantment Focus, Greater Necromancy Focus, Concentration +5, Spell Penetration VIII

Power Store is amazing at this level. It allows me to almost run thru a quest casting BB when ever then swap to my sword and turn and mop up when ever I want to. Even with my poor DC. I was able to get Feast or Famine to 4 mins. That is faster then the 5 min runs I got on Samius’ sorc life. And Java is mostly melee.

I am also using the Fleshshaper’s Docent: +5, Negative Energy Absorption 20%, Fleshmaker, Disintegration Guard, Trace of Madness (Obsession), Power Drain. I am really liking it. I don’t know if the Disintegration Guard procs 3% or not but if feels very low. But I notice that Obsession procs a ton. And it rolls on my attack rolls. So a lot of my attacks are 100%+ hate gen. I like it enough that I am debating about making another suit Mania or Hysteria for the dance or curse guard for times I don’t need all that hate, but don’t want to be in the DoD in case it procs.

After running GH most of the weekend, some times with the wife, but mostly solo I am about ready to be forced to level. That will be good as I am tired GH quests. I want to bloody and then pillage Tor at 15 and try to get a few for xp reavers in for XP before u11.


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