Of Ghosts and Robots

I spent much time with Javabot last night. I was rocking the desert walkups and out of the blue the wife logs on and we run the shitty DQ pre req quest. Yes I mean Chains of Pain…. Or at least that is what we call it. 30 mins later for 8k… and we run to Offering of Blood and it took like 8-9 mins for I want to say 9-10k. And that is about as much as the wife has in her, I hope she feels better soon.

So I am alone again. And I decide to burn through some hard/elite Red Fins. But after finishing the hard runs I see the other Sam, Samulos has a Shadow Crypt hard loop up. So instead of waiting having to solo it on elite alone I decide to jump in. We go 5-6 times until it was bed time for me. Xp for 12 and then a we bit more.

Now I only bank xp in a few places until I hit 12. It is a huge level for almost every build either PREs or GS/other gear and I rush to 12 on my TR lives. After that I try to bank xp. So I go ahead and level to 12, get my new 4 or 5 swords out of the bank and get ready for later tonight were me and my new glow ball pal are going to pown some wizking. 🙂

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