Noob-Sauce Epic Class, Part 2

I was told that my last Noob-Sauce Epic Class was helpful but not as helpful as I would like. So I thought I would hit twitter and see what people want to know about epics. So I have a few questions, not a ton and I just want to run down a few questions and give my answers…

“Do all party members have to be 20?” Yes and No. To enter an epic quest you must be level 20. This is not something you can cheat like getting into the sub under level. But if say you have a bud on a lowbe and he is in the group to chat over voice you don’t have to boot him for the 20s to enter epics.

“Are epic rewards and or chest items only good for lvl 20 characters or can they be handed down to lowbies?”

Quest end rewards don’t change by difficulty as near as I can tell. So epic Devil Assault reward list is the same level of list as a normal run. I want to say that epic chests are already at the max level (23) so items pulled from those chests might have high level but as long as it is not bound for some reason (raid loot). I had a +5 holy burst rapier of pure good I pulled from a epic DQ seal run, it was some thing like level 16…

Now shards seals and scrolls don’t have a min level. But if you use them to make an item epic 99.9+% of the epic items are level 20. And as far as I know they are all intended to be level 20 items. The only ones I know of that have a level other then 20 have been fixed or are about to be…

“What gear does sarlona expect a sorc to have, if any, for epics?”

I wouldn’t know. The groups I bother to run in gear is not really an issue over and above your typical gear. Heavy fort, GLF and +6 con item those kind of things. Now I talked the other day about some spells, the 8th level dance spell is a good idea. And a non elemental way to hurt things, like disintegrate or Cyblast.

Last question/s today:

“Why do certain shards/seals never drop? How big of a magic pentagram does it take to make them start dropping?”

I think seals and shards have a low drop rate in and by themselves. Add in that I feel some seals/shards have a lower drop rate then other ones. All you can do is run often. As for a magic pentagram…. Hmmm really big?

Okay I was expecting a few different questions. But as always if you have a question email me at samius(at) or him me up via Pm or on twitter as samiusgurobo.

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