Tuesday Report

Tuesdays are for me at least a slower night. If I am lucky Tobril gets on and we knock out some basic epics, or the wife is in the mood to quest with me. Aka do the quests I want at the levels I want. But last night she was sick and Tobril was not to be seen. But Oncler and Miss were on so I did my best to take advantage of them.

I started the night on Java, being he is 11 now I am out in the sands running the quick walkups for fast xp and a little plat in my pocket. TRing and buying scrolls and what not puts a dent in my already light pockets. And right now I want to buffer Java’s capitol to buy a few hundred heal scrolls and still rock my last backpack slot. I did say I was light in the plat area right?

Anyway I have been swapping in my GS 2xAir cloak for hastes and taking the 20ish damage hit while I swap around. Bloody evil taint….

But then I catch, Oncler and get a ship invite. Boo Ha! See I was in a rush before TRing Java and even though I had a cleaning stone and the larges I didn’t wait to run the one more shroud. I hit my 20s for a litany (miss) and cleansing stone (thankfully a given) and wam bam was level one in about 2 hours. But I knew that Caffeine had the first and last tear alters. (My boat can do the first tear 🙂 ) so I decided I could whine for an invite and I did. And my cloak is done. Lighting Rest and Hps.

People might wonder why the Lighting Rest and not more Hps? One I like having beholder/dispel prof rests Lighting and Acid are high on my list. Ie number 1 and 2.

So while I am finishing up my cloak I am asked to join the guys for a elite Tod…. Sure I like shots at +4 tomes and still need a good Chr ring that I can slot con on to. The group forms and some one in on timer for 22 mins. No big we decide to do an elite Vod while we wait. 22 mins later we complete get junk in the chest and we are off to Tod.

Rescue Harry, I am not assigned to heal a Wf today, nice. But Miss asks me to stay on top and kill elementals and dogs and what not. Sure.

He runs in to start the fight and I stay in place and start Doting eles and pwk/fingering dogs. Well I guess Miss gets thrown right away and didn’t get to start to gather any agro. And right away the judge is on me. Well I start to scroll myself and ask where do you want the judge. Well everyone is talking so I don’t get an answer. I scroll some more and ask again. This time I can here Miss but not what he said. I ask the clr who is right next to me to turn on his aura at least while I am trying to dump the judge off. But I think it was too loud still, as still no aura or heals from Mahmood. Scroll myself and fail the consecration check, drink a pot but to little and end up in the box.

I curse and the raid falls quite, and Miss goes on about how he told me to find him. I explain that I couldn’t hear shit. But I was doing okay via scrolls until I wasn’t. And how I was right next to the healer, if his aura was on or a cure mod came my way I would have lived. I don’t know if I shamed him into it but the aura seemed to be on the rest of the raid…

Skip to part 3. It was a crazy one for some people. Not me I got to scroll heal Miss until I ran out of scrolls. 60Ish. We went on and on. I ran out of scrolls I counted out the final 10. And ran to help on Sully. Totally stole the kill too. 🙂

But right before we got Sully Miss dropped. We went through tanks for a min or two. This is why i think of Oncler as good leader in my mind. He kept a clear head, didn’t get overly excited, reassured everyone and gave clear instructions as we tried to keep the raid moving. But we got everything under control. I notice that the other casters are drinking pots. I run my clicklies and try to do my best to get a few sp back as orthons are called. I do well but I end up drinking one during the final push. A final push made longer as our light monk drops.

I want to say we earned it. No +4s but Oncler passes a ring to Rath who also gets a ring. A ring I want. He jokingly offers me a trade: never do a naked dance2 again for the ring….

I tell him to keep it, I just got to do the naked dance. 🙂

But he kicks it over to me anyway and all is good. A little time in the explored area and it is all good.

It was a good night there were offers of more questing, but the wife needed some meds in hopes of feeling better in the morning so I was off to the store then a short show and bed for me.

One of the best Tuesday’s in a long time.


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