You Don’t Have Spell … ?

The best comment ever heard over voice for me is “You don’t have spell X?”. I love it. People just assume your spell list is the same as everyone else’s. Let me color you a mind picture.

I have been leveling Java as a FVS, as I hope you all know. He is around 11 now and starting to come into his own. And as every divine caster will tell you at some point you will get a tell please join X quest please. Now this life I have been in a bit of a mood, a good one not a bad one. And I ask “Are you looking for a healer?” because if they are asking anyone with divine spells we all know what they want. When I get a “yes please” back I say “Sorry, I only have 1 healing spell, if you need a healer you might want to keep looking” And it is true. Java’s only has cure serous.

Last night I got in a von5 farming party. Once I joined 4th or 5th in the group I made it clear that I was not a healer and with a +6 wisdom item I only have a 12. And the leader didn’t have a problem with it. But there was a monk that I guess didn’t have a way to fix the con damage post poison or nerco touch. And was always complaining about con damage. The leader linked his lesser restore pots and I replied “what he said” We made 3 runs and I didn’t hear from that monk again. 🙂

Ask a sorc one of the things I have problems with is the lower number of spell slots. I have told you about not having a way to hurt the Abbott while leveling up by swapping Disintegrate for Reconstruct but that decision hunts me in Evon6. Not being to one shot the pillars. But I can cast CyBlast 2 or 3 times and not have an issue, takes a hair longer but normally not an issue.

But I want to share another evon6 story. The other day we get moving and life is good. I am assigned base 1 with another guy. The base gets prepped and people take off. I am standing in the “safe” spot with my wf melee partner and a reaver runs over. My partner stands there as yells dance him, dance him! And dies as I try to recon him up. I jump over behind the reaver and check my invis no problems.

I rez and heal the Barb who starts to try dressing me down for not having dance. And I just inform him that I don’t carry dance but I do have a stack of rez scrolls… But I didn’t stand there and let myself get beat to death with someone throwing reconstructs… Time comes to take our base but the freshly back to life barb can’t hit anything because he died and lost his buffs. WTF? Power attack off, hit == win. But he slips on some ice and dies. I do get the shield on the pillar down and kill it once but do to timing we miss. I get it to half a second time but with the reaver on me my sorc is just too squishy and I die with the the pillar at about ½. Oncler wings over in time to drop the pillar with comet falls and the raid is saved.

Moral of the story, don’t assume that someone can save you. Save yourself! Not everyone is going to have the answer for your bad play. Does my sorc need to swap into dance? Maybe and I will be making that change in my spell list, However, I will not stand by and let myself become helpless waiting on someone else to save me.

Oh and a bonus moral, Don’t assume that someone is a cookie cutter of someone else. Spell lists for example are personal choices.

2 thoughts on “You Don’t Have Spell … ?

  1. I once, as an L9 ranger, got blasted for not having a cure spell. My comment was somewhere on the lines of “Everyone and his mother has CLW, I find barkskin to be ENTIRELY more useful for my one spell slot…”

    Then, when I was lagging behind the group, I got derided for not having Longstrider, and pointed out that as somebody who mostly solos and likes to take his time, I find resist energy to be far more useful. “Well, you should have two slots!” “What, I should give up ram’s might? IDTS!” (Heck, even with three L1 spells, I don’t often have longstrider, I’ll go with Jump or even Summon Nature’s Ally 1 instead)

  2. Yep.
    (I find it stupid that a comment has to be at least 10 characters long – what if I’m not feeling exceptionally verbose? Like I attempted here? Oh well…)

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