Noob-Sauce Epic Class, Part 1

Wow, how to begin…. I have been asked to talk about epics. With the idea of getting started doing epics. Or how to break into epics. Epics kinda have 3 categorizes, easy, normal, long as balls. I say lets stick to the easy epics for right now.

What are the easy epics? For me they are BoB-Bargain of Blood, TTT- The Tide Turns, Claw-The Claw of Vulkoor, Von1 Tharashk Arena, Stand – The Last Stand and the following raids DQ – Zawabi’s Revenge, Von6 – The Vault of Night and Chrono – The Chronoscope. I just listed all the raids I think….

Any way if your new to epics look for eBoB and TTTs. These are fairly simple see a mob kill the mob epics. There are a few tricks to avoid unneeded fights that some people will use and others wont. Like if Tobril and I are doing Ebob once to the shrine we move around the corner to the left of the shrine and clean up mobs there. To not pull up the red named cow.

In TTT right at the start you can agro the archers in the first room and then run back behind one of the House D npcs they can be shot by an arrow and then the npcs move into the fight. It is just a help for the first fight or two. And proper trap use is a must. Web and balls in the traps and pulling mobs into the traps can really cut down on the time it takes to finish a TTT. Oh and go ahead and clear to the end fight people. There are like less then 10 mobs. But every kill is a shot at a scroll or tokens, go get them….

Claw is an solo or dual able epic, it does take some practice but any one can invis and use sneak mode to stealth through the quest. I would say however, practice on none epic. Learn the scorp’s patterns and then step it up. Be ready for a few fails. But if you keep at it you can solo it fairly easily.

And I have yet to see a group fail last stand. I am sure they are out there but it is “see a caster kill it first, see a not caster mob kill it next” epic. I have seen that lots of people have soloed it. I am not one of them but I do see that it can be done.

As for any other epic and epic raids. Send a tell. Let them know that your new to the epic and be willing to learn. Most leaders are willing to give clear instructions. If you take the time to hear what they are saying then you are golden. Just don’t be afraid to ask for help and be sure that you understand what you are being asked/told to do.

And healbots can get into almost any thing just to get a feel of what is going on. Then once you understand the ins and outs other rolls become a lot easer.

Hope that helps. And later I will talk about the normal epics. Ie Devil Assault.

6 thoughts on “Noob-Sauce Epic Class, Part 1

  1. The best way to feel around epics is to do it as a support class (bard, healer-type) or a melee dps (something tanky like rogue, monk, or barbarian).

    You don’t want to go in there as a first-timer with an offensive caster/crowd-controller. That should happen once you have some experience with the quest.

  2. was thinking about it last night, think it is time to do epic von 5 again, but I want to put the right group together. will talk to you and the guys about it later. since I will probably lead this one, definitely want a group that is strong and listens, else we remember why I quit leading.

    • Yes T, Normal because it is not so long i want to kill myself like say Chains or WizKing.

      Not Normal as is easy. Although i think a lot of people need pots for Eda. And the groups i have been lucky enough to get in have not had to use pots. So i have been playing with some skilled people.

  3. Yeah, I assumed “normal” didn’t mean difficult, since you listed Wizking above that, and sans the end-fight, it’s a cakewalk. Just an hour-long cakewalk.

  4. That helps…some? You seem to be explaining as though explaining to those that epic run this stuff all the time. 😛

    Perhaps I’ll get some better traction from the tentitive Q&A coming up soon. 🙂

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