Loot running Epic Vons

So over the last few days I have been looting the easy to get to epic von chests. Nothing in von 1, but upon thinking about it I should be going for the chest behind the locked door and maybe do a little scroll farming. Update the locked door in von1 has a higher then 52 knock dc, that means I am not looting running von1. Well not this life anyway…

But basically I want to run down the “how to”s to farm the epic chest in the vons.

I start with von 2. I cast res. fire, exp retreat, jump, the DW clicky and invis. Now there is more then one reason I am letting my sorc life linger a bit, the air dance is handy for some farming.

So we are looking for the up to two chests in the maze. You have to be carfull when looking for them however. Because you don’t want to anger too many mobs because once they know where you are you are going to have to kill them. Dogs I PWK, melee cows get a few neg levels and the finger casters get dragged back where you have a corner to stand behind and jump out to Dot them and jump back to some safety. Tab around and find the chests don’t rush but at the same time don’t stand around smelling the flowers. I know seals drop in these chests. So for me right now it is worth it.

Then I hit von 3. the jungle run is just that and invis run with a well placed wail on normal. Then enter von3 proper on epic. There is a possible chest right at the start. Sometimes there is a named there some times a caster, sometimes a scorp. Some times all three others nothing. Scorp gets PWK, drow get doted like the casting cows in von2. I haven’t seen a seal drop in this chest. But with is 1 out of 4 spawn rate I think of the von 3 run as more of a fast shrine with a possible chest.

Von 4 fire, haste, jump and invis and get the lever. You might have to PWK the earth elemental, but that is no big deal. Invis again post pulling the secound lever and move up some and wait. Wait until the WF moves across the tunnel and you see the crystal about the head glow then jump onto the head, and reinvis talk to the head as fast as possible and start moving up the right tunnel. We are running to the chest down in the pit trap. If you don’t know what I am talking about again find a map on the ddowiki. I haven’t seen a seal drop here either but I have high hopes.

In any case you can hit up to 4 epic von chests in less then 6 mins and start over again. I have seen a lot of 500-1000 point guild renowns tokens. And have earned at least 100k plat in an hour hoping for seals. Now that they are ransacked it is back to EDQ six man chests. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Loot running Epic Vons

  1. Samius, I don’t suppose you could do an “All About Epics fer newbs” blog, could you?

    This one was sorta helpful. But Metalbone recently reached 20, and I have not set foot in an epic yet. I know I want to get to farming (Update 11 is supposed to tighten token farming…somehow), but I haven’t the first clue about how to begin. Maybe even a show? I’ll email your counterpart…

    • Well to be honest, the Epic Education guy, ??Shamgar?? (Not sure how he spells his name) does a good job running down the epics. But let me see about a noob-sauce epic class.

  2. Pretty sure, even though you can try to pick it, the locked door in VoN1 is unpickable on epic. I’ve rolled 20’s with a +58, or something like that, so a 78 failed to unlock it.

    So no way in hell it can be knocked.

  3. Last report I heard on the Von 1 door is 90…won’t be able to verify until Tobril gets TR’d and even then he’s going to need to roll a 20 to hit 90…but what the hell it would be a pretty cool accomplishment.

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