The End is Nigh, pt 2

I have been asked what do I plan to have in my truck kit. And you know what Ddo was a slow night of hitting epic von chests and getting some xp with Javabot so not a lot to talk about there. And frack, I like talking about this stuff. So here is my current list of stuff for my truck kit.

First Aid kit probably going to add some QuikClot

Food & Water 3 people a day or so. Thinking jerky and something like “Aqua 2 Go” aka long storage time, can’t do that with bottled water.
Some amount of cash money.

  • Tire repair kit
  • Fixed blade knife/ hatchet?
  • Good multi-tool
  • Blanket
  • (again enough for 3)

  • A few 55 gal trash bags
  • Jump kit
  • possibly this I have something very much like this but as this is a light, air compresser and more that what i have does not. This is a logical upgrade.

  • Can of sand
  • I want to explain the can of sand, It is a multi-tool. One if it is cold out burning a candle set in sand is a good way to save heat. Also sand can to help get traction if stuck in the snow or mud. And you could also use it as a first first layer filter if you need to clean some water.

  • Candles or other source of fuel for a small fire
  • Water proof matches
  • Folding water bag + some kind of water purification
  • – never know if you might need more water

  • Some extra socks, Bandana/s
  • Tarp
  • Rescue Tape
  • – think long storage duct tape.

  • Some small gage wire.
  • Spare cell phone charger
  • Shovel
  • 5 gal bucket with a lid.

My plan to expand this to a 3day/bug out kit includes

  • Expanding food and water supply to 3+days for 3 people + dogs.
  • Ample water purification supplies
  • Dog food
  • Some amount of hunting equipment
  • – be it spare ammo or some thing as simple as a Slingshot, pellet gun or a few fishing supplies.

  • Extra bedding
  • Hand powereddevices, radio, lights, etc…

Think what I will do is break this into a few 5 gal buckets. One car kit in each vehicle, then try to get as much of the bug out kit into one more bucket and keep that in the garage so in case of an major “Get out of Dodge” emergency all I need to do is yell at the wife and kid to get the dogs and get in the truck as I grab the expanded kit and the can of gas and take off.

Now I currently don’t live in a large city. We have a population of about 50k in Salina. And I know the area well enough, I can get out if the need arises. Say the interstate is closed I can take a highway or a black top or even a dirt road to get to a safe house. Now if if I lived in a larger city, say Boston (hint hint Turbine) I would to plan an route or two or three. Having a plan and never using it is good insurance.

While writing this I had a meeting with my boss and owner of my company. A man I trust and respect and he feels that something is coming. He sees it in the financial markets. When the self made – very well off see trouble and start to get ready you had better get ready also. Because those people can since trouble coming and know what steps to take to weather the storms.

Ps, If you also see trouble brewing let me know and moving to small town Kansas sounds good, I am debating on how to best start a commune….

2 thoughts on “The End is Nigh, pt 2

  1. Wish I could move. Good list. Listen to the Practical Defense Podcast. He covers bug out bags and emergency kits if you want other ideas. A good show is the one Lessah was on about hurricane kits.

  2. I’d also add that each family member as a “go bag”. Back in 2003 my area was hit by what’s now called “Fire Storm 2003″…think three large forest fires all heading towards my little town. One minuet my mom, sister and I had a one hour evacuation notice and a couple minuets later we were on a three minuet evac warning. It sucked because I ran out of the house with no underwear packed but I weirdly had all of my sports gear since it was already stored in various sports bags.

    Lesson: Have a go bag ready that has the things each family member will need as you get out of Dodge.

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