I am so pleased. In a little bit here I am going to be ordering my Kiwi vines. After a lot of research I think I have found the right plant for my area that is a little of the normal path. IE good for trading for more common items in an emergency. As well as picking up and planting a few guys for normal planting this time of the year.

I also am about to order my new shelfreliance Food Rotation System. Think a fancy can rotator + space saver. I heard some numbers of 30-40% savings by stocking up / moving to buying things when they are on sale. And I like the idea of having a easy way to manage my inventory. I spent 15 mins over lunch today trying to see what I had in the pantry. And decided that we didn’t what I was looking for and gave up.

I also did some shoping am got a few items for my truck/home in order. I can’t tell you how pleased I am that I have some of this stuff coming together.

Oh and did I tell you my carrots are doing nicely?

Tomorrow I hit the store and the farmers market for some items to both plant and to dry out for eating later. I am making jerky. Hmm tasty.

I need momentum, in DDO and in my real life.

Now keep in mind there are emergencies every where. Look at the storm about to/currently hitting the devs/Turbine… Well catch you Monday with I hope some DDO stories.

2 thoughts on “Excitement!

  1. Kiwis need to get cold enough in order to bloom so are not recommended for all areas. They also are very aggressive with their vines and require a lot of care in that aspect. You might want to add some junk (90%) silver coins to that survival kit. Unlike bullion it is hard to fake the wear on a circulated coin. I have read about fake bars being lead and only lined in silver/gold. Silver coins would be more easily traded than gold coin for smaller transactions.

    • Funny you say those things. I live in kansas and it can get quite cold.

      And i have silver coins on the list and i will keep them under my active land mines.


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