43 Deaths: An Epic Chrono Story

So last night Started off with a bang, a crono loot run with Fopo then I got a ton of xp for Java with the wife. As she was about done for the night I as asked to join a EV6 by Oncler and the guys. I do but find Samius still on timer. So I get Mcgoogles, and remind/inform everyone that I am not a healer. But a shitty Ranger. Mcgoogles is a 20 level human FvS Silver Flame, all light and bow speced, multi shot and all.

And we have a good old time, even told to go spell/ranged dps durning the Velah fight. Smooth completion. And pull the shard of the Dragon Eye. For the eye samius got passed on his first run this life, and the seal he pulled on run 2. All I need is a scroll.

I ask around as they are out of my plat range on the Ah. Lousypher, I guy I don’t know too well, but have ran with more then a few times links 4 of them. I ask what he would sell me one for and he gives me one instead. Woot! Thanks Bro. And now Samius has a new shiny epic trinket for a little sp boost and a way to fit in Str +6 this life. I might have to clear it later but I will cross that road if I cross it.

Post Von the group decides to do a Abbot, Samius needs a Litany. It goes fairly smooth, our healers end up in the water with the abbot at about 20% hp and I spent the rest of the quest right at the edge of the platform throwing a metor swarm and trying to rez them as they swam up. I also throw the occasional heal scroll as I notice people are low. At 5% I get encased and die. But we finish with no problems, the group got skunked at the chest. 😦

So now I get told Ecrono is next. We start to fill, and I epic my new toy. And run over. Timer? Oh, no. When I did that loot run with Fopo first thing I competed and Samius is on timer. Well back to Mcgoogles.

Things are going well, we loop around looking for scrolls. Get to the first real fight, Blood plate. We have a few deaths. One was Oncler who was tanking. I was to heal the group. And the other FvS would keep him a live. Well I guess not. Then a sorc drops a few times. I would throw a heal and he would go a round a pillar. Oh well. I take 2 chain lightings with no time t heal between them and die. Thankfully all the deaths were spaced out over the fight. For the record no pots. The group heads over to loot their other in the inn chest and 3-4 for people get caught by an Abishai. I stay to help the Abishai group and miss the a DD along with those other 3-4 people.

Thankfully I have my invis clickly and most of us make it to the steam tunnels with no problem. A barb is not so luck and croakes. But I think there were a few other people not invsed as we are now at yellow alert. We decide to go clear the alert. But myself and the other healer both get hit with a soundburst and we are helpless as the group starts to drop. True craziness rains down on us for about 10 mins as people are dieing right and left. I lead the killed count at a total of 6 deaths. It was unreal. Finally people start to regroup to the Rusty Nail. That would make a great WF whore’s name in a pnp game. I will have to remember that. Anyway we get our act together and move along.

Ruin Arm fight goes well.

But then we fight go to fight the CAD Oncler says Miss is the tank. Everyone get a drink. And maybe when we get back we can go in. A Horc runs in and hits the CAD twice. The CAD turns and fire breaths killing me and 4 or 5 others. It was crazy. There was the strangest thing. The CAD turned and fired in one move. There was nothing I could do. After some recovery and again some one pulling agro off miss we complete. I hear lots of this was the best run ever. Lots of fun. Other whatnots.

I explain once again not a healer. And I think they know that now. We got lots of shards for the run however and it was lots of fun. It was nice to be in a group that doesn’t mind a little crazy.

Final death count for me 8. The next highest 7. Both of us the healers. The only person with no deaths was Miss. I think he hid when the real crazy went down. If only i was as smart. 🙂

A few more runs like this and I might have to take another look at my raids suck rule and try to do a little more of them.

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