Sorcs are not dps and raid lootz

Let me tell you a little story. I log in Saturday morning check channel and learn that Onecler has also just got on and just hit a epic last stand. The group is looking for one more. And he says get in asap!

So I hit the join group button and wait and wait. A little bit later the lfm changes to barbs, fighters and pallys only. No decline however.

So I inform Onecler of the lfm changes and wish him luck, and we can group up later.

He says no he will talk with the leader. A min or two and I am still hanging out. I get declined. Okay no big deal. I wish Onecler luck and let him know I was declined. As I get back to the boat I get an invite from Onecler, I thought that maybe he got the star and was sending me an invite.

Nope, he told the leader to invite me and we could all get going and have a good run or he was gone. Guess if Onecler tells you something like that it is not a threat. And if you want him you better do as he saids.

In less then 3 mins we have a mostly full lfm for last stand and we are rocking. Onecler starts getting tells from the other group leader, who now is looking for a healer as well as a final dps. About how is Dcs are real good and Onecler should take him into our group…. WFT?

We fill shortly, and have a fun run. I even pull my gloves seal so all I need now from fens are mostly shards. I would take other stuff but most of the epic stuff I want is falling in to place.

Onecler and I went on to rock quite a few epics that morning most of the fin stuff and whatnots.

I have another stand out story with Onecler and the guys this weekend we get an Abbot run going. And we complete in fairly good order. Looks like we are getting skunked until a litany drops. The owner types “sell or roll”. Just like that.

And Miss catches it and types that selling raid loot is a no no. At least in groups with him in it. And it is echoed by many of the other players. Letting the seller know that he will make a few do not play with lists if it gets sold.

Me? I don’t care if you sell raid loot as long as the leader is cool with it and people know the deal from the start. But if your not up front then you sure are a fool. If you don’t think people will be angry.

But the trade goes down. The group reforms for a epic von6 and the seller logs off and someone else from his guild hits the lfm looking for an invite. We asked if he was the seller, he answers yes. You know what? He got declined and was informed as to why.

It is sad. But you cross the raid leader and buck group you better be ready to handle the fall out.

It is your loot and you can do with it what ever you want to, but everyone else in the group can form an opinion as to your character and decide whether or not you are the kind of person they want to group with. Just to be clear however, the buyer also made a few lists. And I think he also tried to get in the von run and he was also declined. And I wouldn’t be surprised if a few guild leaders didn’t hear about this. All I know is reputation is everything for end game Sarlona. And if your rep sucks. Change guilds, get a name change, reroll. Because once that is tarnished you will be facing an uphill battle to change that opinion.

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