Javabot and More Crafting Disappointment

Last night was a play around with Java and get in an epic or 3 with Sam. Aka a fine night of running around.

I have to say, the way Java is running right now I am very pleased. However I felt the same way at this level with my barbarian and it is sitting in bank land at the moment…

Last night I burned through most of tangle root on elite solo, level 6 remember. Have swapped cure mod for cure serous+ max. That hits for about 35-45, so worth casting. And once I leveled up to 6, I borrowed a icy burst keen great sword of pure good from a melee weapon bank alt. And the damage is solid = Bull Str + rage+ max str and the Abishai set doing its thing + damage boosts + power attack on all the time. Well you get the idea.

I am also getting to the place where the DR 5/invulnerability is starting less great then it is at the starting levels. I think a lot of that comes from not having 100% fort yet. I need to dig up an earthen guard trinket from the cove. That might help, until I can farm von 4 for straight up 5/-.

If you have been keeping up a day or two ago I talked about using the different crafting options to make a vamp great sword with a med guild slot and + 1 point of force damage. That could be level 5 but do to some bugs in the crafting is level 7. I hoped that once the guild boost timed out the weapon would down shift back to level 5 but no luck. So I guess it will just sit for another day or so. Still now is the time I want that sword it is like regeneration but a million times better.

Well back to work.

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