Way to Go Forum People and You Too Genasi.

I have been a long time fan of house D epics and their epic items. Samius carries a Winter’s Wrath for out of Sp moments. Healz’ armor is the Deneith Heavy Chain, my other wizards have a Midnight Greetings mostly for the Disintegration proc. For beat down moments. I have every thing ready for the Docent and a Jidz for Javabot, well the docent anyway.

A few months ago, Sirgog on the forums started a few epic item review threads. Scoring epic items and offering up ideas for possible up grades to better the lower scored items. And to be honest some of the epic items are a little lack luster if good in certain encounters.

Genasi, who I now think of as the item guy, replied to the thread and worked with the players to make some adjustments. To both the House D epics and the House P epic items. In a few weeks we will be seeing those changes happen.

But I am mostly going to talk today about the house D epics and their upgrades.

You know what here they are:

Epic Elyd Edge:
The weapon now includes Screaming, as well as Cacophony, a sonic damage effect equal in proc rate and power to Incineration. This weapon now uses the higher of Strength or Charisma for to-hit and damage, and has a new effect called Inspiring Echoes in which a Bard wielder’s Inspire Heroics, Inspire Competence and Song of Freedom become Area of Effect benefits while this weapon is held.

Epic Midnight’s Greetings:
The weapon’s Enhancement bonus is now equal to a character’s Intelligence modifier (minimum of 6, maximum of 10). The weapon’s Deception benefit has been replaced by Improved Deception, and now features Improved Paralyzing as well. The weapon now boosts Assassinate DCs by 2, and will use the higher of Strength or Dexterity for to-hit and damage.

Epic Deneith Heavy Chain:
This armor now has Superior False Life and Vertigo +15.

Epic Blademark’s Docent:
This armor now features Superior False Life and Vertigo +15.

Epic Chimera’s Crown:
This item now grants stacking hit points depending on the number of Dragonmarks a charact has: 1 Dragonmark grants 10 HP, 2 grants 15, and 3 grants 20. 3 Dragonmarks will also grant Spell Resistance 30.

Epic Chimera’s Fang:
This weapon now has a +6 enhancement bonus, 2d10 base damage, Silver, Keen, Shocking Burst, Disintegration, Destruction, Shatter +10, and a Red Augment Slot. The weapon also grants additional abilities based on the number of Dragonmarks a wielding character has:
1 or more Dragonmarks: Bastard Sword proficiency, +7 enhancement bonus
2 or more Dragonmarks: Greater Parrying, +8, Incite 10%
3 Dragonmarks (non-Sentinel): Sup. Parrying, +8, Incite 15%
3 Dragonmarks (all Sentinel): +10, Fortified Defenses 50%, Incite 20%.

I know that is a lot of text, lets skip to the Docent and the Chain. To items I use or will be using heavily.

Life Shield, DR 5/Epic, Superior False Life, Vertigo +15. Colorless slot and a blue slot if you don’t swap a lot these slots are great. A +6 stat easily goes into the colorless slot say con and toughness can go in the blue slot and you have all your HP in one easy to use item. This is my plan for Healz anyway. Java will swap a bit more then that so I might not wrap so many hp in one item. I might do secondary stats to help with stat damage.

The Elyd Edge is about to become a high Chr persons weapon of choice. Strength or Charisma for to-hit and damage as well as a high damage proc is great. Do you see that it beats dr of many a raid bosses? Bards will love it as now even more as it will speed up the let me sing these songs by making many of them mass songs.

But really all the items that got a once over are great. The Crown was an item I always passed over before being weak Sr, a bonus to Ac and a few more mark uses a day. It does have a colorless and a yellow slot however, but still… But now, a useful SR, as well as a possible 45 extra hp if you also have a mark or 3…

You can read the rest of the changes yourself but it is always night to see unloved items get a little power boost for a little more loven.

One thought on “Way to Go Forum People and You Too Genasi.

  1. All’s I’m saying is I’m about to make a human Stalwart Defender with the House D dragonmarks because there are now -three- epic items that appear specifically made for a fighter-tank with such a build (the Heavy Chain, the Fang, and the Crown).

    In fact, thinking of planning out a dream set of gear for him in the endgame to be a sort of “different tank.” For instance, Epic Kundarak Warding Shield and both pieces of Epic Claw set instead of that silly Levik’s garbage (you get Insight and Incite from the eFang anyway), so I also get to not be in the cookie cutter.

    Got the stuff to make so many fangs/crowns/heavy chains already. Been saving up for just such a time as now, when they finally come into their own.

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