Cannith Crafting and Bugs

So I have been a fan of the new crafting system for a while now. I have made a lot of little quality of life items. Invulnerability armors at level 1. Vamp (lesser) weapons at level 5. Some catch all tools for oozes, ghosts and dr/silver mobs. And some super specializes tools, tailored down to one quest in the game even. Looking at you Running with the Devils!

So last night Java crossed into level 5 (almost 6 by loging time) and I started the gear upgrade. Got my VoM and Mantle out, the lvl 5 Blademark’s Docent and 3 parts of the Abishai set. Gloves, cloak, helm if you were wondering. Would also do the bracers but didn’t have one in the bank at that moment. And the boot slot is still needed for the anger set, +2 to hit after all. Note to self think about picking up a Morleth’s Docent for be buff use….

Anyway, I took out the Greatsword item (med guild slot) I had set aside to craft (lesser) vamp on and ran to the crafting hall after stopping to add the force damage ritual to it. Added a lesser vamp shard, wonderful level 5 weapon. Hit the guild vendors and bought 4-5 +3 to hit gems. So I had a +3 to hit greatsword of lesser Vamp and +1 force damage. Nothing overly broken. Just a good survivor set up. It plus the Blademark’s Docent gives me good healing against trash with out having to drink pots or spend time to cast a 10-15 point med cure spell. And will help get me ready for the Vampiric Fury Blade waiting for me at level 12.

Forward momentum is a good thing when soloing.

And it rocked, I went through WW on elite solo in about 20 mins with out having to stop to heal.

Oh also I took an old shard of power and made it a trinket with 33% lighting absorption. Makes those lighting bolts a lot easer to take.

I recall out of WW4 and get stuck in a loading screen. Well I have a 10% xp pot ticking, and it has been a while since I have restarted my client. Guess now is as good as time as any to do so.

Get back in and my weapon is now level 7….:(

I know there is a bug where guild slots are bugging out the crafting stuff but I was able to use it until the client restarted. Blast it.

Well back to my level 2 bta +1 holy/icy burst great sword. Speaking of the ice games kinda looking forward to them, pulled a +1 pure good great sword(bta lvl 1) last night. Adding icy burst to it will make a killer twink item. Not that icy burst /holy at level 2 isn’t groovy too but if I had a better level one item I might start banking xp a little sooner….

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