A Tale of Two Vons (Epic)

Over the weekend, Samius did a many ah epic runs including an epic Von6, and two Von1s. The raid went smooth. But the Von1s….

So the first Von 1, was Fopo, Oncler, myself and some puggers (wait I think Miss was there also). Everything was going smoothly, considering some of us started before the everyone was in. And a number of D doors were cast to regroup. Mainly some people wanted to invis past things others want to kill everything. I think we ended up invising most of the way.

The Healer shrines, along with the melee and the other caster. I am still sitting at 1300 sp + full clickies so I am good. We go and kill the kobolds, and the cows. I dd back to shrine. I am the only one to save the shrine so I am moving as fast as I can, invis-ed of course. But the alert starts to grow, green, yellow, orange. And I ask WTF?

And I notice that the healer as ddoored also to shrine. I asked if I was wrong about him already have shrined? And he said, something along the lines of: I assumed you did also so you must know your way to another shine. /facepalm

I inform him I did not need to shrine and tell him to keep moving in to the arena. And I try to shrine. But the 6 trolls following him break off once he is out of reach and come to see me in the shrine. Ding!

And they camp out.

So I rez and run them out of the shrine area and DING!. But they are fair enough away now to rez and shrine up. While I am doing that the clr gets killed in the arena. But fully Sp up again I rez the clr and we move along. Red skulled and all. 😉 And Skunked. Well at least I was, think Miss got a seal he wanted.

Von 1 group 2. Tobril, Fopo and I + 3 puggers. Smooth up to and including the kobolds and cows. I go back to shrine. But no one is ready for the other kobolds to come to life and ding ding ding. I hear a lot of get on the same one. But I guess 2 of our puggers didn’t speak English. Also they released and dropped group, boy! With the clr also empty. Fopo decides to get his FvS to help finish it up. And I talk the wife into raiding the chest as we are all but the end fight away from done.

It is fairly straight forward spell dps, melee dps beat down also but Fopos fvs runs out of sp with all the quicken, mass heals to heal Tobril’s barb vs the single target heal. But as the wife also grabbed one of her clrs healing is in no short supply. Well with scrolls anyway.

Speaking of the wife, she gets the only seal, a SoS. She asked me if I want it. After some debate between her and I we decide it would be best to let Tobril have it if he doesn’t have one. As he is running the raid a lot more then I am. And he ends up with the seal (1 of 4 parts for him 🙂 ).

We ran a lot more epics that night. Including BoB and TTT, most of the fins and I want to say something else but I am drawing a blank… we get 4-5 scroll drops. Most are junk to so so. Tobril gets a bracer of the claw scroll. But I did end up with a the last peace I needed for the epic Blademark’s Docent so it was a good night for me as well.

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