Hard Vod with Glass Cannon Samius!

Last night, the guys and I got moving on a few different things. I got Samius a Shroud, Healzyounot got a DQ completion and a few other runs not reallying needed a comment. But then we got together for a Vod run.

First of all we had a very blue bar heavy run. 6 arcanes FvS and a Clr, that part was great. But we had some over zealous people and we killed all the trash that could open the way to the raid. Okay reform.

Then as people are getting the archer in place to open the way, one of the puppies hits my computer cord just right and I power down….

A few mins later I get back and want not. And the way is open, and people are waiting for me. We get in and start buffing and I get a message from Tobril. Lost power due to storm.

Lolz, he was our tank. After some texting back and forth he says don’t wait as it could be awhile.

We decide that everyone will Dot Sully up and try to keep her hate moving. Well that worked for about 20 secs then I had the hate. And I was the new “tank”.

Man a capped Air Sorc can do the dps.

I get the healer to move to keep me in her aura and things are going well. I do need her attention however. As my Hps are a lot lower then I would like. No tomes or exceptional and what not. Making my HP about 340 raged. But I have a little DR and good amount of amp helf + items + ship so lights and mods hit for good amounts. Pots are about 50.

So anyway I keep the dots running and scroll myself when I am unsure of healing, ie trash mobs are about. But scrolls allow a concentration check aka “lets not have to make those checks” and I might have gotten killed once or twice.

What I find to be funny is while recovering from death aka letting some other caster take him for a bit as soon as my dots started ticking she came right back.

But we when from 10% to 5% too fast I guess and we had bats, orthons and devils and people started to drop. I should have ran. And kept Sully doted. But I tried to say with the healer. Who was trying to heal everyone got cursed and died. I didn’t last much longer after that. I would say Sully was around 3%. But the other casters had too much to try and handle. I got a res and resed 2 others but it was too little to late.

I think with a little more organization we could of completed no problem. But know what? That was the most fun Vod I have ran. I wouldn’t want to fail again but the raid was full of good people that were willing to push themselves. I respect that.

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