A Tale of Disappointment.

Last night was fairly disappointing. It begins with me getting home after work and finding my wife in a bad mood. She had a long night the night before, the new puppies kept her up. And then her boss informed her that she needed to put in 5 hours of overtime this week, with the week half over. So her mood is understandable but still her mood effects my mood.

So I get logged in and check the channel/guild and no one is on. Okay, check out the Lfm and not a lot going on either. So I swap to my FvS and do a few Sin runs. And 3-4 runs no belts/necklaces noting of note, just vendor trash and not a lot of worth in plat even.

I even get stuck floating in place one run and get smashed. Grrr. But I keep and eye out for Shrouds and people.

About 8, I see a shroud and get in as the 4th person. The leader a fighter, another fighter, a clr and me. Fair start. But as Java is not a full caster, or even close really, I send a tell to the leader letting him know he will want a full caster. And look at the AH and get my ship buffs. We fill, it didn’t take too long. But I am the lone caster no bard even. Hell we can work with that. I let the clrs know that someone will need to go on portal duty as I can melee them trash down, but it would be better for one of them to spell them to death. One of them says they will try to handle it. And we are off. My 2 min hastes and 4 min rages and we are a go.

About the half way mark some people start to notice that our leader seams to be pikeing. Maybe it is lag? So we wrap up part 1, and the leader had no problem running to the chest to loot? Okay…

I did get passed a shard of power. One more of those to go. I ask for a little help with the crystal in part 2. I think Java can handle it, but with all the spell changes lately? Java has always been spell dps is a nice trick but not his forte. I don’t think I have not even fixed his enchantments since they split them up, now that I think about it… No wonder his spell damage was so low last night…

We do part 2 and 3 with out much of a problem. I noticed that our brave leader opened underwater chests in part 3 while water was still going out. And people asked him if he was still piking.

Oh and a great shard was passed to me, again many thanks. And one more of them to go.

We buff and move into part 4. Java doens’t run any of the dots atm. With him about to tr giving him dot scrolls feels like they would be wasted. But the party dps is okay not great but okay. It will be a 2 rounder. Another melee and I kill gnolls before going in. About that time I notice that 2 of our melees are not swinging but are surrounding Harry. Our leader is still over by the healers. And out of no were most of the party dies. Yep those 2 melees were Dcing. And damage caught up with us all at once. Two rangers and the clrs and the leader if you could count him lived. So there was still a good chance. Over mic I say to want you want if you think you can finish, Harry was at 20% or so when we all died. A little later the two that Dced are back but didn’t last too long once the clrs took some a fireball or meteor storm to the face. And the rangers where the last two standing. One died and every one cheered on the last man as it didn’t look like he was taking much damage. And our now dead ranger said Harry was at a sliver. But out of the blue the other ranger dropped group. Turns out he released back with the first wave of deaths. And was just still in group. Boo, wipe.

With that sitting in my mouth I decide to log and play with the puppies and watch TV with the wife. So the night wasn’t a total fail on all accounts.


3 thoughts on “A Tale of Disappointment.

  1. “If everyone runs water, that will be just fine.”
    -Samius Gurobo

    That stinks. Frustrating that the leader was piking. Gyeah! Even if you don’t do your job well, you should be doing something and not piking!

  2. Sounds like my luck on the FvS last shroud attempt. Ended up with myself and a ranger as the last two standing on Harry in part 4. I was out of spell points and tossing heal scrolls to the ranger as he was killing gnolls, but we ended up wiping and I called it a night too. At least you can go back in again without waiting 3 days. Of course, it’s been about 3 days and I haven’t logged the FvS on again as of yet… :p

  3. Well, looks like at least you did what you could; nothing else you coulda done urself, just a badly lead group it seems.

    Glad you got to comfort ur wife though afterwards; she probably needed that more then you did. ^^

    And ahh, puppies will always make you smile, THATS a guarantee 😀

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