Putting together GS for Java

I think I have gotten Sam to the shroud/epic place I want to leave him for a few weeks and now it is time to focus on Java. Last night I started getting my gear in order for his WF FvS life. Hey look I already have a finished a full on CordOp goggles. Nice! Now if I can explain why I knew I didn’t have a complete CordOp on him….Oh well. New mystery, why does he have a never equipped pair of GS goggles in the bank??? Never mind.

Looking for shards and I notice just one normal shard and one greater shard. Oh boy time to grind the shroud….

I do have to make some decisions, both do to the lack of shards and on my large scale supply. I decide to make the first 2 tears of a Air/Air rest/Hp cloak. With the plan to round it out before TRing. 10 plus hps might get some use this life. Where a tear two great sword wouldn’t…

Blanks: I have made a Gs steel great sword already and I am thinking about making a pos/pos maul for abbot runs, if I do that I will need to do so before TRing as abbot comes before shroud.

Speaking of shroud runs. I need to remember to pack a run with as many guildies and friends to pass me shards over the next few days….

But I need to decide what to for that great sword. Bypassing good as a requirement limits the options to Min2, Lig2, Rad2, Steam, 3xpos or a CordOp weapon.

I could go Min2 but I have a min2 staff that will do fine as a catch all. And I can pick up a silver great sword and make a holy/ bane-greater bane for big boss battles.

A lighting 2 might be the right all purpose weapon. But I have lots of lighting 2s…. and while they are fun I might want something else for a change??

I have always been a fan of Rad2 weapons. You kinda control the proc rate (on crit) and extra 4d6 of light damage, on a FvS with the Shield of Condemnation helping out seems good. But how do you build one as most of the end game mobs are immune to fire damage? fire/pos burst/flame blast?

Steam, has the best proc rate at 20% but I can’t even tell you the dice for 12-22.. 2d6+10? Maybe? Its proc rate should be about the same as the Rad2 on a great sword with imp crit better before imp crit. But with out the blinding proc is it as good? Its cold damage should hit more mobs then fire… Holy/ Icy Burst/ Cold Blast doesn’t look to bad. And should hurt most everything fairly well.

If I say that I will use the min2 staff for dps when needed to bypass dr. Then we have a few other options. Ice2, smoke2, 3xEarth, Vacuum II??


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