A Suggestion to Balance TR Xp

I have seen a lot of different posts about how to fix the amount of Xp Trs need to grind out to level. There is the let Trs in to epics at 17-18 and give those quests a fair amount of xp. I like this idea, but that is not the only idea on the forums or in party chat. We have the hard and Elite only camp. The return the under level bonus back for Trs. There is a new one that I just seen today to make a TR count a few levels higher. So a level 1 Trx2 would count as a level 3. there for having to do a level 2 quest.

Me? What do I think? Other then epic at lower levels the idea that I like is my own. Lower the xp total needed, but speed up the repeat penalty of the quests if your a TR or not.

So First time in a quest per life you get your normal 100%+25%(first time bonus). Second time 100% xp. Third time you start giving a repeat penalty, -10%. Forth -20, fifth –40%, -99% from number 6 on. But return to 1.9 xp for +2 point Trs and 2.5 or so for +4 point Trs.

It is simple and clean. Doesn’t hurt first lifers, forces Trs to do a wider range of quests and not more of the same 5 quests until level.

Any way that is how I would handle it.


Ps: double post.

One thought on “A Suggestion to Balance TR Xp

  1. My vote? More content. The last four updates have reduced the feel of grindiness just by giving us more leveling choices.

    Even more would be even better πŸ™‚

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