A 20th Abbot list and an Epic Von6

I jumped a round from alt to alt a bit last night. And was on my way out to Sins on my human FvS, McGoogles. I am trying to tighten this guys gear up while I am on this TR down time.

But I am keeping an eye on the LFM pannel for an Abbot. Java was on 19 so I was/am ready to get that 20th. I was about ¾ to the quest when I see one. Grr. Swap, jump in and get assigned Goggles. NP.

We get in and get moving get to goggles and I get lead across. And start to lead the other guy across and I he slows down kinda unexpectedly and nearly falls, once, twice, and third time is the charm and he goes down. 😦

But a re-beat down and I am back in goggles and both me and my partner have the goggles for our own side. But we each pick up another person per side and we have to try to lead this extra person trailing behind. I lose my guy. He said he was half a step behind me but I guess not.

But we complete just fine.

Now for my bitchn. My 20th list was a lot of crap or items I already have. I end up taken a Vile Blasphemy a great item. But I was hoping for a Litany or Wretched Twilight.

Now for something totally different.

A little later in the evening, I get told to get on Samius for a Evon6. So I wrap up my Sins run and jump in we wrap up von5 and boom favor! Nice, first time in von this life. We get in von6 and I am told in channel to disintegrate the pillar when it is time. And I remind the leader that I still have Recon for Tod robot healing….

But Cyclonic Blast should work? Right? It wasn’t a one shot but it worked good enough. Being the only wiz/sorc I got to kite the reavers as I doted the dragon. Took an inferno to the face. I will blame Fopo here as he was calling them out and waited until I was too far out to make it back.

But again a completion. Lost a roll on the shard of the silver cloak. D50 or 100 and I got a 2. But got a 99 on a d99 for the Warding Bracers. I have the scroll and a seal I think. But the big winner was Fopo, finally getting that shard of the dragon. So now there will be more Evon6s for me as he needs 6 more reds…

So all in all it was a good night.

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