Internal Debate: The Battle Rages On!

Today I want to share a little internal struggle I am having with Samius’s gear. Right now I am using a Green blade and a Ring of Thelis, to cover my Wizardry, Spell Resistance, Empower II and Greater Arcane Lore needs.

However I have the pages (almost 2 sets πŸ™‚ ) for a Skiver. And that one item would cover every thing but SR. While freeing up a ring slot. A ring slot that I could use to help with my other slots. That is the plus side.

Down side, 200sp 400 sp while finishing out my Sorc life will be tied up in a weapon. I often swap into clickys and having that as my Sp item is just asking for a mistake to happen….

I could dual weld and put it in my off hand but I would lose my shield. Which is now a +2 evocation & 33% electric absorption. Two things my most of my casters can use. And this sorc life is no exception.

The other down side, I would be taking a skiver out of another alt’s hands.


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