Capped and Got Some Epics done.

Finally! Man that last level was tough. Lots of raiding, lots of grinding out a handful of quests. I will say the new lord of eyes chain was a nice change up. One or two of them was fair xp per min… Not great, but fair. Capped up on Wends and Epics on Thursday. Good times.

Last night I logged on and sent out in channel greetings. And got a “Sam, VOD?” from Oncler. If you don’t know him, I know I have used his name a few times, he can be a little rough around the edges but once you get to know him he is great. You know that little switch that keeps you from telling some one how it is? He doesn’t have one. And he has some ideas of what is good and is very vocal about those ideas. But if you put your pride aside and take what he is saying to heart then you will become a better player. Thankfully I don’t get dressed down toooo much…:)

So any way we do a Hard VoD, got passed a set of Gloves of the Glacier, that happened to come from Oncler. I can swap into them on longer boss beat downs. Just to stretch the Sp a little more. Lost the roll for Tharns Goggles again think I rolled 9 on a d100. 😦

Did a tod run. Did pick up a ninth Trophiy of War and got passed a Gilvaenor’s Ring. It will let me craft Shocking Burst or on it for a little extra dps for my next few Trs. You know Oncler hooked me up with that ring too….I hope that doesn’t mean we are going steady….

I finished off the night with a Epic Crono. Was told to go to town on the Conjoined Abishai Devastator. Everything was going fine until it went white dragon and iced the ground. Our main tank didn’t have a FoM and wasn’t able to attack for a bot. And it takes off right too me. I am trying to move and scroll myself all while sliding along.

For some reason the party seems to be moving after me. WTF. Let me turn this guy away. And I hear. “Sam just die! Before it Infernos and we wipe ”

Guess someone didn’t know who I am I get moved around and I yell stop following me. I will handle the agro until the tank can get it back. And the party does and I keep the Devastator on me, scrolling myself as the healers must be thinking if they don’t heal me I will die. I never saw them heal me during that fight anyway.

The tank regains agro as I let the dots fade. And I move out of the danger zone with no problems. Wait for the tank to call out for dots again and we complete with no deaths.

Easy as pie. Not one of the group that had run with me all night had a problem with how I handled things. A pugger did. Oh well. We won and I got passed a Shard for a Diabolist’s Robe. Rolled and lost a Time blade seal in the bank so when its shard went up I didn’t bother. Let the guy who won the seal have it.

I hope tonight to get a few more epics and a shroud in, sitting on number 7. 13 more until TR time baby!

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