Melee FvS: Torc and CordOp?

I have been debating the possible gear layout for Javabot as a pure 20 FvS. Most of it is fairly straight forward. Hate, DR, Amp and what not. But there is a question about Sp regen items. Mainly do I need a CordOp item if I already have a Torc?

This is not a normal question. At least not for me. It takes many tries to get a Torc from the DQ raid. And building a CordOp item is often a lot more feasible then waiting out a torc. But what if you already have a Torc?

So I look at my practical game play. Samius has both a Torc and a CordOp item. Depending on the style of play each life I have found that I may or may not need both the CordOp and Torc at the same time.

Example: Most of the monk/caster lives I didn’t use both at the same time. I might start/shrine with my CordOp on as it is a huge boost to my Sp pool. But after buffs swap it out for a Jidz. Most of those builds didn’t have mana issues with just the Torc for sp regen. But they also had fist of light to help with the incoming healing.

But now say I am going to be a lot more caster stay out of the fight I want ever hit to have a fair shot at netting me some Sp. So for Say the Sorc life I am doing both.

Now something I just now thought of is making a par of swap in boots. Say full on guards or guards+ sp that are CordOp. Places when I need to swap in special boots are normally places where I don’t need the cordOp chance for Sp. Those are normally Boss/end fights of places with crazy incoming burst damage from spells. That would let me make a “permanent” HP- GS goggle and cleans it.

Oh by the way, if you don’t do the DdoCast thing I think I recall Glin saying that Mabar is coming back and I am thinking a full on Cloak of Night might make the cloak slot….

Please debate, it is going to be a bit before I go for Java’s TR so lots of time to go over feed back.

6 thoughts on “Melee FvS: Torc and CordOp?

  1. so far all my divines and casters save Kalari my wizard have concord opp goggles and im trying to get the torc on my favored soul. I have that combo on Kamari my cleric along with an ear dweller and lets just say its a sweet deal if I had it in me id TR her into a more versatile melee type cleric but I like her spell casting abilities better. With my favored soul I have too many yummy scimitars I want to use and have crafted so shes going to get a TR once I get a freaking Torc It just keeps alluding me lol.

  2. Torc on unless mainhealing a boss beatdown, then use cost-reduction stuff like lorrik.

    You’ve seen my thread and sirgog’s, obviously pick whatever works for you. I like full-time CCopp for the CHA skills to fuel no-swap intim and UMD, but to each their own.

    • @tobril That is a good point. Chr Skills. I had originally had those covered with the one HP item and the one SP item I could do something like a hp/sp/sp cordop and then a res/hp/hp item. But then no Mabar cloak….

  3. I personally think a ConcOpp item is the best use of GS mats for a caster, not only for the ConcOpp effect, but also the 300 extra SP (for sorcs and fvs).

    I finally got my Torc at the end of my second life, and having them both while leveling my third life has been amazing (I’m a pure sorc, all the way)!

    If you can fit it into your item build, I say why the hell not make one???

  4. You don’t need conop with the torc but it makes it a lot more efficient.

    My FvS have the pirate cove event epic plate, torc and a con op scepter.

    The temp HP from the plate and scepter keeps him at a steady 20-50 HP (except quests where the HP drain is higher) and with a constant trickle of SP.

    To give an example; I don’t bother killing the mob by the portal in Vale since while I destroy the portal, they help fuel me with SP.

    And when I do Sins in the devils battlefield I let them beat on me to get my SP back, drop a BB and kite. In about 20-30 minutes I’m done checking all rooms, never die and never have to worry about shrining. It’s a great dynamo. Same in other quests.

    I’d like to replace my SP GS cloak with another con op cloak for the ultimate con op/ torc combo and we’ll see if I do that when I’m done TRing my ranger.

    It’s worth every single hard earned scale.

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