The Epic Break is in Sight.

Sure that title doesn’t that quite that same ring to it as The End is in Sight, but you know what? It is the best I got! 😛

So Friday 5:05 or so I left work. Jumped into my truck and was headed home. Pulled a little to the right and a little more then a car length behind another truck heading I have to assume for home. I see traffic is heavy right this second on Ohio. One of the busiest streets in town. So I know I am not going anywhere for a while, and get comfortable. The truck in front of me however, decides he can get out quicker if he where to use a different exit and backs up to get head that way. Once I see what he is doing I lay on the horn. But it is too late. And crash!

My truck is all torn up, and he doesn’t have a scratch. But he hit me right at the tire well with his bumper. It is not like I have metal plates and spikes protecting my truck… yet. 🙂 I do my best to keep calm, I might have been a little in shock…

Okay moving on…

Get home, I eat and log on. And I am starting to get a little pissed. But thankfully the channel guys where in a good mood and decided to help me feel better with some raids for xp. Tod (n?), Vod(E) missed the roll on a set of Tharns goggles 38 to 41 against another sorc. Good times! Abbot (E) Shroud(E) Once all that was done I can’t say I felt better about the truck. But I did rank up and that helped a lot.

Get up early check the show times for Capt. America 25 mins until the first (normally the least crowded) showing. So fly in the wife’s car with the family to see the Capt beat up Nazis. Good movie. Go see it!

Get home around 12:30. And the wife’s BFF is on her way for a visit. I pissed her off once when I was sick. And she tried to talk my wife out of marrying me up to and including on the wedding day. Lets just say, there is not a lot of love lost with her and I. But she cheers up the wife, so she is not all bad. But that means I am sitting and playing computer games alone…

But I am determined to rank up again. Let me say Sins of Attrition is a great quest. 7-8 runs in a row and I never got board.

I grind on and watch Swamp People. So very good. If you like survivor shows like Survivorman or Dual Survivor or even Man vs Wild odds are good that you will dig this show. And I love that the show always prints out subtitles. Even though all the people on the show speak English, well kinda. 🙂 watch a show or two and check it out.

So about midnight on Saturday, my wife comes down to inform me her BFF is spending the night and hanging out most of the day Sunday…. Grrr.

But more grinding Sunday, we tape a CtH. I don’t know how funny it will be but the parts that are funny are ball busting funny. I think it will be a good show.

I end the weekend just hitting the last rank before leveling. So Epics are in sight. I plan to take a little time from TRing Samius this go around. I already have a good number of a few raids. So I am going to try for some 20s. Get some epic gear ready for Java and TR him, at least until he is in his sweet spot.

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